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Why choose Later Influence?

Later Influence™ (formerly Mavrck) turns influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator. Our award-winning platform activates influencers across all touchpoints, industries, and verticals.

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Elevated service, impactful results

Find the right influencers

We use real humans (not robots) to find creators that match your brand.

Later managed services

Leverage our team to manage campaigns, payments, activations, reporting & more.

Increase your bandwidth

Not your headcount. Get more done with our platform & trusted team of experts.

Get real ROI

Keep (and grow) your influencer budget thanks to proven campaign results.

Other influencer solutions
Later Influence
Influencer marketing measurement
Impressions, engagements, clicks
Impressions, engagements, click, link, pixel & promo code tracking, offlines sales and brand lift.
Automated influencer fraud detection
Manual or non-existent
Proprietary fraud detection for followers & engagement
Influencer brand safety
AI-powered brand safety, keyword & competitor mention detection and Google Vision AI detection to ensure visual brand safety.
Spectrum of influencer
Either mega, macro or micro
Full-spectrum of influencers including advocates, referrers and loyalists.
Influencer relationship ownership
Contracted per influencer campaign via marketplace or agency
Brand-owned influencer relationship management
Influencer activation use cases
Create blogs, posts, videos
Create blogs, posts, videos, links, ratings, reviews & research surveys
Influencer content rights
Negotiated per user case
Granded on influencer opt-in
Influencer activation scale
Dozens at cost-per-activation
Unlimited activations
Influencer incentive flexibility
Payment and product
In-platform payment via PayPal & TangoCards in 25 currencies, plus, incentive by product, promo, referral code & more
Influencer recruitment adaptability
Attract influencers to marketplace for one-off campaigns
Plug into existing brand digital assets for ongoing relationship
Influencer network size & quality
10,000 to 500,000 depending on platform
Active index of more than 3M influencers
White-label capability
Retail affiliates, social networds, ratings & reviews, DMPs, e-commerce, CMS & more
Social channels
Limited to 2-3 per channels
Available across all social platforms including Twitch and TikTok
Data API access
None or limited
Access to Instagraph Graph API as well as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and TikTok
Influencer workflow customization
Customized workflow options to fit your process, shareable curation for off-platform viewing & draft review
Platform seats & usage
Pay per platform seats and activation
Unlimited activations and platform seats
Influencer search & discovery
Limited ability to find the right influencers
More than 20+ criteria for discovering and filtering influencers based on demographics, likes, interests etc.

Harness the power of authentic influencer content

AI Powered

Streamline creator discovery with AI

Expand and scale partnership opportunities by finding the right influencers based on your niche and target audience.

Track & Measure

Manage multiple campaigns at once

Get measurable results, lasting impact, and reporting backed by powerful analytics across all client accounts.

Don't just take our word for it

Later user Clif bar logo
"The influencer landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Later helps us stay on top of trends and reach consumers in an authentic, effective, and efficient way."

Drew McGowan

Communications Lead - CLIF Brand Clif Bar & Company

Get real ROI from your influencer marketing


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