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About Later

At Later, we believe that there should be a simpler way to plan your visual content marketing. Aggregating, storing, planning, and optimizing your visual content marketing campaigns should take as little time as possible so you can spend your time making the best campaigns possible.

Started at a hackathon in 2014, Later (formerly known as Latergramme) has evolved from an easy-to-use scheduling tool for Instagram posts. Now a top-ranked visual content marketing platform, Later lets you aggregate and plan your content, grow your audience, and share your photos and videos.

With a growing community of over half a million of the most recognized influencers, brands, and agencies like Yelp, Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, Later is dedicated to creating a simpler way for you to share your story through photos and videos, and build those valuable relationships necessary to growing your brand.

Our Story

Proudly founded in Vancouver, BC, Later started at a hackathon in 2014. Six months later, we launched to almost 20,000 highly encouraging people waiting to use the first version. The Later web and iOS mobile app were launched in May of 2014, shortly after some early Facebook investors committed to investing. At the time, all of the founders were working on other startups and by March 2015 they had all moved to Later full time. Shortly after, Later launched an Android mobile app and continued the journey into the visual content marketing space.

In July of 2015, Later closed a seed round of $1.3M USD from amazing investors including Resolute Ventures, Aspect Ventures, Hiten Shah, Arjun Sethi, Ray Walia, and Rocketship. Since then, the Later Team has grown to 23 employees, with intentions of many more to join. Now, with over 1 million registered users, Later is looking take on more than just Instagram.

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