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Later Marketing Resources

Explore hundreds of influencer marketing and social media resources, webinars, guides, and expert advice to help you stay ahead of the competition.


2024 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report

Get detailed stats & insights to help set your influencer marketing goals.

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Holiday Influencer Marketing Strategy Guide

Prepare your influencer marketing strategy for this upcoming holiday season.

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Launch Your Business on Social Media: The 5-step Guide

Supercharge your growth with this email series, including expert advice to market your business on social.

How to Launch Your Business on Social Media

Free Social Media Budget Template

Level-up your budgeting with our free template for social media managers.

Free downloadable social media budget template from Later

Instagram Canva Templates Bundle

Spice up your content with our bundle of 30+ Instagram Canva templates for social media managers.

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Free ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Managers

Save time and maximize your workflow with our free ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Managers.

Free Template of Chat GPT Prompts for SMMs

Creator Mental Health Report: Social Media & Burnout

Over 600 creators get candid about how they navigate social media burnout, set boundaries, and find balance.

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Free Influencer Media Kit Template (opens a new tab)

Stand out from the crowd with our free Influencer Media Kit template + how-to guide.

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Take Your TikTok Strategy to the Next Level

We're sharing all the inside information to elevate your TikTok presence with our free 5 day email course.

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Instagram Story Canva Templates

Spice up your content with our bundle of 30+ Instagram Story Canva templates for social media managers.

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Reel Talk: Instagram Reels Strategy Webinar (opens a new tab)

Rewatch our free webinar and get Reels advice from top creators, plus industry tips and tricks.

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Become a Later Ambassador (opens a new tab)

Spread the word about Later's game-changing features, while earning a commission!

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How Rosefield’s influencer marketing strategy, powered by Later, drove 167% ROAS across 7 global markets.

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Turn influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator.

Learn More

Spectrum Brands

How Spectrum Brands and Later activated 4 pet brands for a Holly Jolly holiday campaign.

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How Trident worked with Later to leverage micro- and macro-influencers across TikTok and Instagram.

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Ste Michelle Wine Estates

How Ste Michelle Wine Estates scaled social proof with Later to drive cost savings.

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  • Social Media Glossary

    The most popular social media terms from A to Z, defined.

  • Videos

    Watch for tips and tricks to help you crush your social media goals & strategies.

  • Instagram Caption Library

    Find the perfect Instagram caption for your next post.

  • Get Later Certified

    Learn about all of Later's features and earn a certification.

  • Beyond Influence Kwame Appiah + Scott Sutton Text

    Beyond Influence Podcast

    The podcast for fans, creators, & brands.

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