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Emoji Dictionary

Emoji Meanings Explained

Stuck wondering what certain emojis mean? We’ve got you covered with our emoji dictionary. Explore our list of emojis and their meanings below.

Emoji Dictionary

Emoji Meanings: Why They Matter

Emojis are a powerful communication tool and can help level-up your social media content. They have become an integral part of pop culture, trends, memes, and even shaping new forms of online expression.

There is an emoji for everything. And each emoji has a different meaning. As a business owner, social media manager, creator, or entrepreneur, it’s important to understand what certain emoji mean so you use them correctly in your content.

Emoji Dictionary

Emojis and Accessibility

When including emojis in your content, remember that each emoji has their very own description, or alt text, assigned to it, and each emoji description is different depending on platform, device, and browser. There are three things to keep in mind when using emojis in your content:

  • Use emojis in moderation

  • Double-check emoji alt text descriptions 

  • Put emojis at the end of your caption

Learn more about accessibility and emoji best practices.

2023 Emoji Meanings

We’ve compiled the most popular and most-used emojis. In our emoji dictionary, you’ll find a list of emojis and their meanings, learn how to use certain emojis in your content, understand hidden emoji meanings, and why alt text for emojis is crucial for inclusion and accessibility.

Browse the emoji library below.

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