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Find the right Later Influence™ plan for you

Turn influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator.

These paid plans include:

  • Creator Marketing Platform

  • Unlimited User Seats

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited Influencers


New to influencer marketing? Get everyting your team needs to execute creator campaigns end to end, with no limits on scale.

Run end to end influencer marketing campaigns.

1 Instance/Brand

Software License Only

What you can accomplish:

  • Kickstart your influencer program with end-to-end campaign management
  • Discover creators that match your program goals and grow brand affinity across content partners
  • Create curated campaigns across social channels to reach your audience, wherever they are
  • Prove the value of influence marketing with detailed performance reporting and ROI
  • End to end campaign workflow


Have an established Influencer marketing program? Get set up with added automations, research tools, and sales tracking to make your campaigns run faster and improve ROI.

Optimize campaigns with customizations and automated operations

1 Instance/Brand

Software License

20-40 service hours/month

What you can accomplish:

  • Work smarter, not harder with automations to reduce workload on your teams
  • Craft thoughtful programs and seasonal campaigns with expert input through industry research and surveys
  • Drive more sales with performance-based link tracking and ambassador campaigns
  • Collaborate across teams using draft review tools and customized shareable reporting dashbaords
  • Gain confidence in your program targeting and performance with managed services and support from our team of experts


Are you part of a global enterprise brand or agency? Customize a solution that includes everything you need for a full-scale influencer program with the best ROI.

Integrate your influencer program with all marketing efforts across your organization

2+ Instances/Brands

Software License

40+ service hours/month

What you can accomplish:

  • Increase consumer trust and sales by collecting authentic ratings and reviews from real users
  • Integrate your influencer program across existing marketing systems for reporting and project management
  • Grow your reach across glboal organizations with full access for additional brand teams
  • Simplify user logins and prioritize security with enterprise single sign-on
  • Power a results-driven influencer program with expert services

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Frequently asked questions

  • Your team will have access to millions of influencer profiles available to be invited to your brand campaigns. We have attracted creators with a few hundred followers to many millions of followers across social networks, so you will be able to find the best fit for any campaign.

    Later defines key personas across the spectrum of influence:

    • Micro influencers have a side hustle creating content, and aspire to become a macro Influencer someday.
    • Macro influencers earn their living as content creators (bloggers, YouTubers, journalists).
    • Mega influencers are celebrity-live, superstar influencers that require large budgets to work with.

    Advocates, referrers, and loyalists are consumers and employees found within the relationships a brand already owns. These creators are often overlooked by brands, but can greatly impact consumer decision-making and used in many different types of campaigns.

    • Advocates create or share on your behalf but may not have the reach or influence of a true influencer.
    • Referrers are those who are likely to share existing content or a referral code.
    • Loyalists will mainly give feedback via research like surveys, regardless of incentive.
  • Yes! We have many brands that work with dedicated creators and utilize Laters workflow to enhance their partnerships. During onboarding we’ll show you how to create a custom application page for all of your creators to connect their accounts and add any helpful information to their profile like clothes and shoe sizes, allergies or other preferences so all the information you need will be in one place.

  • With all of our platform licenses you have access to run an unlimited number of campaigns with an unlimited number of creators. We want you to get the most of your influencer program and by removing limitations we can help you scale in any way that works for your brand.

  • We understand the benefits of a diverse marketing program and support your brand in running unique campaigns to reach your team's goals. Here are a few campaigns our customers run on a regular basis using Later Influence features to customize them:

    • Consumer research surveys to inform their brands strategy
    • Seasonal UGC campaigns to drive holiday revenue
    • Ambassador programs to create a community of influencers with brand affinity and ensure a steady stream of new social content
    • Ratings and reviews campaigns to increase consumer trust in new products
    • Product seeding campaigns to share new arrivals with ambassadors and fans
    • Affiliate programs to leverage performance-based incentives
  • The Later Services team is always here to help with managed service hours. You can use those hours to assist with part of your campaign such as sourcing and negotiations or have our experts run the campaign end to end. The timeline for each campaign depends on various factors like your campaign goals, the number of creators, incentive options, and creative timelines. We work with top brand across industries to get the most of their programs

  • We pride ourselves on providing near real-time authenticated performance data so you know the full impact of your influencer campaigns. Once a creator has posted their content we report on impression, engagement, likes, and comments and engagement rate across all supported networks. Additional metrics provided directly from the social network’s APIs on a rolling basis so you get more than just a point in time view. The metrics available depend on the social network, to see a full breakdown of verified metrics see this table.

  • Yes! Influencers can submit draft content and captions for your approval before it goes live. Our draft review features allow you to share drafts with external stakeholders, write internal comments, and share feedback or approvals directly with creators so there are no surprises.

  • ROI can vary greatly depending on your team’s measure of success. Whether your goal is content creation, reach and awareness, research, or direct sales, we tailor our strategy to align with your broader marketing efforts. We provide access to all key metrics from engagement, clicks, conversion, sales, and Earned Media Value to provide rich success insights at the campaign and total program level. See campaigns run by successful brands utilizing Later here.

  • We don’t currently offer a free trial for Later Influence. Instead, we offer three levels of paid plans, including self-serve platform options where you manage influencer campaigns on your own, as well as plans that include hourly packages for our team to plan, run, and optimize campaigns on your behalf.

Power up your influencer marketing

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