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Introducing Later’s Influencer Marketing Services

We work with your team to activate influencers across all touchpoints & industries, turning influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator.

Woman in pink blazer uses Later Influencer Marketing Services to generate revenue and track campaigns
Woman in pink blazer uses Later Influencer Marketing Services to generate revenue and track campaigns

Fastest-Growing & Most Recognized
Influencer Marketing Platform

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What We Do

We help you navigate the world of influencer marketing.

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Streamline discovery

We find the best-fit influencers for your specific campaign goals.

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Managed services

We support you across the influencer marketing lifecycle.

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Maximize ROI

We grow your sales with effective campaign management.


Supercharge your influencer marketing

We manage your influencer marketing lifecycle from start to finish to create unforgettable campaigns with the biggest brand impact.

Later influencer marketing services team finds the right influencers for your brand and tracks performance and revenue
  1. 1.

    Influencer Campaign Strategy

    We strategize, plan, and execute successful influencer campaigns that drive the results you need.

  2. 2.

    Creator discovery & recruitment

    We find and recruit the best, vetted influencers to create unforgettable campaigns.

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    Amplification & Syndication

    We amplify successful influencer campaigns through paid media to optimize your marketing spend.

  4. 4.

    Measurement & ROI

    We track real-time results to make data-driven decisions that keep you ahead of the competition.


Where influencer marketing meets innovation

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Influencer marketing, your way

Get expert help from a dedicated account manager to map out and execute winning influencer marketing campaigns.

Customize the Later influencer marketing platform for your campaign goals and influencer targets


Customizable campaign platform

Our in-house experts tailor influencer marketing strategies, activations, and collaborations based on your unique brand and industry.

Later services team member tracks influencer engagement, conversion and revenue KPIs


Advanced tracking capabilities

We work with your team to create a custom measurement plan focused on ROI, tracking, and campaign optimization to report accurate real-time results across all campaigns.


What our customers say

Brooklynn Benjestorf headshot

“I have become a strong influencer marketing manager through working with the Later strategy team on building our overall brand strategy as it relates to the space, as well as how we approach each campaign and navigate how best to communicate with influencers to get the content that we want.”

Brooklyn Benjestorf

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager, TomboyX

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Influencer marketing services tailored for you

Every aspect of your influencer marketing strategy & execution managed in one place.