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Influencer Marketing and Social Media Downloadables

Learn all about influencer marketing and social media with our free downloadables. Discover our collection of reports, templates, worksheets, and checklists.

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Free Social Media Budget Template

Level-up your budgeting with our free template for social media managers.

Free downloadable social media budget template from Later

Instagram Canva Templates Bundle

Spice up your content with our bundle of 30+ Instagram Canva templates for social media managers.

Thumbnail image showing Canva template designs including a meme image with a dog, an inspirational quote, and more

Instagram Story Canva Templates

Spice up your content with our bundle of 30+ Instagram Story Canva templates for social media managers.

Thumbnail showing the title “Instagram Stories Canva templates” including image with titles like “new post” and “Q&A”

Free Instagram Stories Storyboarding Worksheet

Download our free worksheet to start planning and scheduling Instagram Stories like the pros.

Thumbnail image reading Downloadable Instagram Storyboarding worksheet with graphic of worksheet

Free Instagram Audit Checklist

Ready to level up on Instagram? Download our Instagram Audit Checklist to boost your performance.

Thumbnail image reading Downloadable Instagram Audit Checklist with checklist graphic in background

Free Checklist: Instagram Fake Followers

Spot the fakes and build the ultimate influencer marketing collabs with our free checklist.

Decorative thumbnail for Later’s fake Instagram followers checklist.

Instagram Reels Planner (opens a new tab)

From curating content pillars to drafting the details, this worksheet will help you up your Reels game.

Image with Instagram Reels Planner written on blue background with graphic of Reels Planning pdf

Instagram Branding Worksheet: Bring Your Brand to Life on Instagram (opens a new tab)

Download our Instagram Branding & Style Guide worksheet to create consistent brand strategy on Instagram!

Image with text reading Downloadable Instagram Branding Worksheet on beige background with worksheet graphic

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Free Instagram Stories Takeover Checklist (opens a new tab)

Get ready for Instagram success with our free Instagram Stories Takeover Checklist!

Decorative image reading Downloadable Instagram Stories Takeover Checklist on yellow background with checklist graphic

Free Influencer Campaign Kit for Small Businesses (opens a new tab)

Plan your next influencer campaign with our free Influencer Campaign Kit for small businesses.

Cover poster highlighting the downloadable influencer marketing campaign kit, including sample images from the kit

Free Instagram Bio Planning Worksheet (opens a new tab)

A worksheet that helps you to plan and write a new, optimized Instagram bio.

Image reading Downloadable Instagram Bio Planning Worksheet with decorative image of worksheet

Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons (opens a new tab)

Need fun icons to spruce up your Instagram Stories Highlights? Download our free set of icons!

Thumbnail image showing different highlight icons to use in Instagram Stories, including icons of glasses, plants, and more

How to Set Business Goals Worksheet

Set actionable, attainable business goals with the help of Later's free Business Goal Setting worksheet.

Cover poster highlighting the set business goals downloadable worksheet, including sample images of the guide

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