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17 of the Best Instagram Captions From Brands We Love

The best Instagram captions are the ones that speak to your followers and build your brand.

From micro-blog captions to crafting a punchy one-liner, there’s a lot of thought that goes into making the perfect Instagram caption for your post.

To help you get started, we’re sharing 17 of the best Instagram captions from brands that know what works. Use these power-captions as inspo and start boosting your engagement and growing your following:

Best Instagram Captions For Micro-blog Posts 

Extra-long captions are the new norm: brands and influencers are treating their captions as an exercise in micro-blogging. And it’s working. 

Don’t believe us? There’s data to back it up! According to research by Fohr, the average caption length has more than doubled since 2016.

And by 2020, our feeds will be filled with an average caption length of 405 characters — which averages out to be 65-70 words!

State of Instagram Influencer Marketing Report: Caption Length & Engagement

With that in mind, let’s take a look a the brands, business and influencers that are rocking longer captions to boost their audience engagement. 

#1: Micro-blog to Relate to Your Audience like @thebirdspapaya

Sarah Nicole Landry, of @thebirdspapaya grew her account from 100k to 800k followers in less than a year! 

Her long captions are one of the ways she successfully connects with her audience. They allow her to share a much deeper story than you’d get in a caption that’s only a couple of lines. 

#2: Share Information that Your Audience Wants to See like @localwanderer 

Travel bloggers and brands can definitely use a long caption to give vital info to their followers. 

Local Wanderer does it so well here, with a roundup of the best places to go in Auckland, as well as a call to action to bookmark the post for later.

#3: Use Your Captions for Storytelling like @pegcitylovely

Long captions are a great opportunity for storytelling in a place where normally images do all the talking.

Here Natalie Bell uses her caption to give a real and raw insight into her life, sharing a vulnerable story that most of her audience will relate to.

#4: Break up Your Text with Emojis like @laurathomas

Rather than making people click through her bio to read her #Veganuary thoughts, Laura Thomas has put them all here in one easy place. 

View this post on Instagram

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE VEGAN FOR JANUARY (OR EVER)// ????And before I get a bunch of angry vegans @ me, I’m a vegan so cool it. ???? Ok, so hear me out. It’s January, the month of diet culture, and now apparently going vegan too #veganuary. ???? There’s an ENORMOUS amount of pressure to go vegan rn & I’m here to tell you, that it’s ok if you don’t want to. Here’s why: ???? Vegan diets can be extremely restrictive. I’m speaking from experience here. When I first went vegan I felt so deprived that it triggered a scarcity mindset + disordered eating. I wasn’t SATISFIED from the foods I ate + often felt out of control around food. Remember that placing cognitive restriction around food can often result in a state of deprivation that causes backlash eating (eating past comfortable fullness or binge eating). ???? If you are working on developing a healthier relationship to food & body image, think really seriously about your motivation for going vegan. It’s OK to put yourself first and make sure you’re in a good place physically and mentally and then deciding if veganism is your jam. ???? We know that people often use vegetarianism or veganism to disguise an eating disorder/ disordered eating. ???? We also know that people who use vegan/vegetarianism while in recovery can take much longer to recover and have a higher rate of relapse. ???? That’s not to say everyone who is veggie has an eating disorder, just to remind you to check in with yourself & your motivations. Do they align with your values, or is there something else going on? I’ve put a quick litmus test that can help you decide in the next slide. ???? Remember that while vegan diets can be perfectly healthy, they aren’t the ONLY way to be healthy. Pseudo- science documentaries like What the Health/ Game Changers seriously overstate the evidence for the healthiness of a plant based diet, making all kinds of wild claims and misrepresenting the data and not clearly explaining the risks. ???? For instance, plant based diets may have lower risks of some cancers, but they also have higher risks of osteoporosis. ???? Veganism is also not the only way to care for the {con’d in comments}…

A post shared by Laura Thomas, PhD, RNutr (@laurathomasphd) on

Removing that step makes it much more likely for people to engage with the content rather than just scrolling past.

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Best Instagram Captions to Start a Conversation

Everyone knows that Instagram is all about engagement, but it’s not just about likes anymore. Now we need to see saves, shares, and most importantly comments on our posts. 

The best way to get those replies flooding in is by asking your followers a simple question that’ll make them want to join in the conversation.

#5: Keep it Fun like @allbirds 

People love a good pun. This Instagram caption from Allbirds is a pretty straightforward question — but it got a lot of replies. 

If you scroll through the comments you’ll see most of their followers are also getting in on the plant puns.

#6: Talk About What’s Trending like @knix 

In this post, Knix has jumped on a topic that everyone’s already talking about online, meaning people are more likely to have something to share in the comments.

They’ve added a pun and encouraged their followers to add their own in the comments.

#7: Ask Questions like @eos 

Emojis are FUN, and it looks really cute when your comment section is full of them. 

Not only is this caption from EOS a call to action that will generate comments, but it’s also letting their audience feel like they’re a part of the creation process of a new product.

#8: Teach Your Followers Something like @dictionarycom 

While the official Dictionary.com Instagram account might not be as #aesthetic as some others we’ve mentioned, it’s a great example of how to start a conversation with followers. 

They’re introducing their audiences to new words every day and encouraging them to use it in a sentence in the comments below.

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Later will automatically calculate your engagement rate so you can easily see how your audience responds to them, and compare how they perform against your other content! 

Instagram Stories Analytics in Later


Best Instagram Captions for Building Community

One of the best ways to make your community loyal, and keep them engaged with your content, is to have ongoing conversations with them. 

Rather than passive, on-the-fly captions, try to focus on directly addressing your followers and listening to what they have to say. 

Start discussions, ask questions, and use your captions to speak to them, just like these super-brands have on Instagram: 

#9: Start Two-way Conversation like @lushcosmetics 

Later customer and ethical beauty power-house, Lush has built a legendary community, and their social media presence is driven by their customers. 

By initiating two-way conversations with their followers, they can ensure they’re delivering the content that their community actually wants to see.

In this caption, you can see that they’ve stopped chasing likes and instead are focusing on “chasing passions”.

#10: Show Behind-the-scenes of Your Brand like @frank_bod 

A lot of Frank Body’s posts feature their staff. By taking their account from a faceless entity to a more humanized brand, is a lot easier for followers to build a connection with. 

This particular post was a call-out for a live Q&A on their Instagram account which can really send your engagement through the roof.

#11: Feature Your Followers Like @glossier 

Beauty giant and super-fans of user-generated content, Glossier love to feature their followers on their Instagram page, along with a little bio or review. 

By asking their audience for photos, Glossier gets free, engaging content, and the audience gets a chance to be featured on a platform with over 2 million followers: it’s a win-win for both parties.

It’s a prime example of one of the best ways to build a loyal community that trusts the brand.

Best Instagram Caption For Driving Traffic to Your Website 

While Twitter and Facebook are usually the best way to share links, Instagram does have its place as a traffic driver to your website. 

It’s not as easy though, so you need to come up with creative ways to get people clicking that link in your bio.

#12: Give Your Followers a Taster in the Caption like @suitcase 

Later customer, Suitcase Magazine always delivers on the Instagram front. 

Their grid is full of beautiful captions, most of which correlate to stories linked in their bio. They boost their click-through rate by simply sharing a paragraph or two of the story in the caption itself.

It piques interest then makes readers need to click to see the rest — a powerful caption combination! 

#13: Make Them Want to Know More like @madewell

Madewell is the perfect example of an Instagram account that ticks all the boxes. 

The captions are short and sweet, and provide some great info for their customers. By mentioning their newest articles in their captions, like this one, they can drive traffic to their site via their bio.

#14: Share Content You Know They’ll Want to Read like @britandco

Brit + Co has jumped on that “beginning of the year” mood – everyone’s already thinking about how they’re going to seize the new decade and be their best self, and this post will help answer all their questions. 

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drive traffic from instagram

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Best Instagram Captions that are Short but Sweet 

While long captions are one of the biggest Instagram trends for 2020, that doesn’t mean you should ditch one-liners.

Short captions are great for catching your followers’ eyes while they’re mindlessly scrolling — they don’t have to stop and read for too long but they get the message. 

Plus, the whole thing will show up under the image, without them having to click “see more”.

#15: Remind Your Followers What You’re All About like @casper

In this caption from Casper (another Later customer!) they really convey everything the brand is about in one sentence: memory foam that you will love. 

View this post on Instagram

When hand met foam: a love story.

A post shared by Casper (@casper) on

Their followers don’t have to stop and read while scrolling, it just serves as a small reminder of how great Casper is as they’re going about their day.

#16: Know What They’re Thinking About like @whistles

This short caption by British fashion brand Whistles is simple and straight to the point. They’re addressing an issue that a lot of their customers are experiencing (being cold!) and offering a solution. 

Hopefully, their followers are already thinking about needing to dress warmer, and now they’ll associate that with the Whistles brand.

#17: Understand Why People Follow You like @thesource

The Source has an amazing Instagram feed, filled with beautiful pics and informative captions. 

View this post on Instagram

Pretty and plastic free ???? . . Image by @caseyscasa

A post shared by The Source Bulk Foods (@thesourcebulkfoods) on

Here they’re hitting on two things that people are really concerned with at the moment: aesthetics, and looking after the environment. 

They only need 4 words but they’re getting straight to the heart of what their followers are there for. 

Captions are taking center stage in 2020, and as you can see from these top Instagram brands, there are tons of ways to transform your copy into an engaging caption that works for your brand. 

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With the calendar view and Later’s Saved Captions feature, you can craft and edit all of your captions in one go:

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