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65 of the Best Instagram Captions for Brands

By Erica Salvalaggio

Updated on December 8, 2021

22 minute read

Ready to take your Instagram captions to the next level?

Published December 8, 2021

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Instagram is a visual-first platform — full of photos, videos, carousels, and Reels. But text plays an important role too.

In fact, the best Instagram captions provide context that you can't get from a picture alone.

They're an opportunity to engage with your followers, show off your personality, and build your brand. But writing the perfect caption is an art form — and it takes practice!

To help you get started, we're sharing 65 of the best Instagram captions, so you can get inspired to create your own.

65 of the Best Instagram Captions for Businesses and Creators

There are so many different ways to structure an Instagram caption. What works best for you will depend on your product, your personality, and what you want your post to achieve.

So whatever your goal — whether it's driving sales, increasing engagement, or building your brand — each of the following examples should help spark your caption-writing creativity: 

  • 8 Funny Captions

  • 11 Short (but Sweet) Captions

  • 14 Community-building Captions 

  • 13 Sales-focused Captions

  • 11 Engagement-driving Captions

  • 8 User-generated Content Captions

8 Funny Captions

Cracking jokes in captions won't work for every brand, but if you have a laid-back tone of voice, a little humor can be a great way to let your personality shine. 

1. Use Puns

Who doesn't love a good pun? They're the perfect combination of funny and clever. 

Take this post from Girlfriend Collective, for instance.

It talks about "tree pose," which is a) what the model is doing; she's posing amongst trees, and b) a well-known yoga move.

2. Be Witty

As long as it caters to your audience's sense of humor — and its on-brand — join designer Nicole McLaughlin in making jokes about your posts in the caption. 

Being funny is fun!

3. Keep It Simple

People scroll through their Instagram feed fast, so if you're going to write a funny caption, make sure it's easy to understand.

This post from Mejuri is a great example. It's clear, simple, and a little silly.

4. Go Over-the-top

CBD-infused seltzer company Recess makes their marketing intentionally eccentric. 

The brand is unapologetically over-the-top, and their Instagram captions are no exception. 

5. Show off Your Sassy Side

The polarized sunglasses company Pit Viper uses Instagram as a space to put their personality on full display.

Their brand voice is sassy, so their Instagram captions are full of dry humor. 

Some of the captions are so hilarious that you can't help but tag your friends. 

6. Juxtapose Visuals and Captions

Taco Bell is known for their hilarious tone of voice and top-tier social media strategy — where they constantly make jokes about (and proclaim their love for) tacos. 

In the example above, they contrast their photo and the caption to make a juxtaposed-based joke.

7. Poke Fun at Yourself

The British juice brand innocent uses Instagram captions to (almost exclusively) make fun of their own photos. 

It's refreshing that they don't take themselves too seriously, and if you look at their comments, it's clear that users love it. 

8. Make It Relatable

Ritual wants to inspire customers to live healthier lives.

That's why, on Instagram, they regularly post content that isn't necessarily product-focused (they sell vitamins and protein powder) but is mission-driven. 

Sometimes that means they're sharing a healthy recipe, and other times, it means posts like this:

Customers are drawn in by the cute photo, but Ritual turns it into a funny, relatable meme using a short, silly caption. 

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11 Short (but Sweet) Captions 

Occasionally, your visual content says it all — no words required. 

In that case, you should still pair it with a caption, but instead of writing several paragraphs, opt for something a little more concise. 

9. Remind Followers What You're All About

If you're looking for ways to keep your captions brief but still build brand awareness and remind followers what you do, this post from Casper is an excellent source of inspiration. 

10. Show Customers You Care

You don't have to share every detail of your company to show your audience you care.

Simply remind them that your business is a labor of love, like Rubirosa Ristorante.

11. Speak in Emoji

If you're an artist, like Vanessa McKeown, you might want your followers to find meaning in your work without the additional context of a caption. 

In that case, you can try an all-emoji caption. It's fun and colorful but doesn't give too much away. 

NOTE: For those who are visually impaired or blind, emoji characters can make the Instagram experience challenging. But there are ways to use emojis and ensure your Instagram content is still accessible, learn more in this blog post.

12. Pair a Post with the Perfect Quote

If you're at a loss for words, try using somebody else's instead. 

The Last Bookstore, an iconic indie book shop in Los Angeles, often uses quotes from famous writers in their Instagram captions.    

13. Say More by Saying Less

Getting your point across in as few characters as possible is a skill. Tea You, for instance, says it all in this caption.

The photo is so stunning it's literally left them (and us!) speechless. 

14. Reference Pop Culture 

Anyone who grew up watching classic Disney movies will recognize this caption, from creator Laura Tønder, as a reference to Snow White. 

If you come up with a clever way to weave pop culture in your caption  — and you're confident your followers will understand it — go for it! 

15. Keep It Relevant 

On a sunny day, talk about the sun, just like Everlane.

Even if you keep your caption brief, talking about something timely is a surefire way to resonate with your followers. 

16. Read Your Audience's Mind

When you know your audience well, you can anticipate how they're feeling, like Grammarly. Show them that!

The benefit of this specific caption is that it's a question, which leads to a boost in comments. 

17. Build Excitement 

Creating anticipation and excitement is one of the best ways to drive engagement on Instagram. 

Even better if you can do it in a few words, like Allbirds, because it contributes to an air of mystery.

18. Be Direct and Descriptive

When your photo or video does most of the talking, your caption doesn't need to say much. 

In those instances, you can follow Studio AM's lead and write something direct and descriptive. 

And feel free to give it a little extra personality using an emoji or two. 

19. Embrace Alliteration

Alliteration can be overdone, but if you only use it every once in a while, it comes across as clever. 

The literary device is also cute, so it's an even better choice if — like Starbucks — you have a bubbly, friendly brand voice.

14 Community-building Captions

If you want to cultivate an engaged community on Instagram, your captions are one of the best ways to do so. 

A well-written Instagram caption can convey emotion, inspire users to take action, and build trust between you and your followers.

These 14 examples do all that and more:

20. Go with a Long, Personal Caption 

Brands and influencers — like Bianca Stephenson — use long and thoughtful captions to connect with their audience. 

It's called microblogging, and it's been gaining traction on Instagram for a couple of years now.

Why? Because studies show that it works! According to Fohr, Instagram engagement rate increases as caption length goes up

21. Start a Two-way Conversation 

The Tory Burch Foundation is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs, and they use their Instagram account to do just that. 

In this post, the caption introduces a community event where users can share their questions and have them answered by a professional in the comments section in real-time. 

22. Encourage Followers to Tag a Friend

One of the best ways to build community is to have your followers share your content with like-minded individuals. 

Be direct just like The Mayfair Group, and ask users to tag their friends in the comments. 

23. Take Users Behind the Scenes

Making your followers feel like insiders is a great way to show you value them.

Take inspiration from Yes Theory, and bring your community behind the scenes of the making of your content. Then use your caption to add context to what they see in your photo or video.

24. Mention Other Accounts

Leverage other people's communities on Instagram to help build your own.

That's what LA-based creator Alyssa Coscarelli does here, with a long, personal caption that mentions several other brands and creators. 

Tagging accounts in your captions encourages them to share your post with their community as well — and that drives traffic right back to you. 

25. Acknowledge Your Followers

Instead of writing captions all about you, speak to your audience. It's a simple way to make your community feel seen. 

Artist and entrepreneur Jess Bird does a great job of this in the Instagram caption above.

Not only is she speaking directly to her followers, but she's also using this as an opportunity to show she cares about them. 

26. Be Genuine and Grateful

Strong communities are built on a foundation of honesty, respect, and trust. 

In her short but touching caption, beauty influencer Mei Pang gets vulnerable — showing trust in her followers — as she thanks them for their ongoing acceptance and support. 

27. Let Users in on a Secret

Like we said, communities are built on trust. So do what KFC did, and show how much you trust your followers by letting them in on a trade secret. 

28. Show Confidence in Your Community

It can be helpful to think of your online community as an extension of your family or friends. 

You're comfortable calling out your friends because you believe in them and in their ability to improve.

In this caption from The Papaya Podcast, they show that same faith in their followers when they challenge them to be better listeners.

29. Share Content Tailored to Your Target Audience

To write the best Instagram captions, you need to know your audience and tailor your content to them. 

Blume knows their followers are on the lookout for skincare advice, so they've used this carousel post and caption to offer tons of sage tips.

Plus, they make a long caption easy to digest by breaking it up using emojis. 

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30. Show Followers Some Love

Your audience wants to feel appreciated, so why not show specific followers special attention like Parade?

Feature them in your visual content and make sure to shout them out in the caption, too.  

PRO TIP: Before sharing a customers' content — whether it's a photo, video, or quote — always ask for permission.

31. Introduce Your Team

Your audience knows that you're not just a business — you're a person. Humanize your brand by introducing your audience to members of your team, like Lazy Oaf. 

BONUS: It's also a way to bring followers behind the scenes without giving away any big brand secrets. 

32. Celebrate Wins

Your community wants to celebrate you, so let them! Sharing your accomplishments makes them feel like wins for your followers, too. 

Extra points if — like Kotn — you use the caption to thank your audience for helping you along the way.

33. Tell Your Audience You Want to Feature Them

Your biggest supporters are most likely already posting about your brand. 

If you want to feature them on your account, do what restaurant Lucky Danger did and tell them exactly how to get on your radar.

13 Sales-focused Captions

There are over 1B monthly active users on Instagram. And, according to Facebook, 80% of those people use Instagram to decide whether to buy a product. 

Translation? That means 800 million people are making purchasing decisions via Instagram — which makes the app a massive opportunity to boost your brand's sales. And captions can help.

34. Stress Exclusivity 

Tons of brands have found success by making their products super exclusive.

The more scarce something is, the more people tend to want it. So, if possible, focus on your products' exclusivity in your captions. 

Check out how Liquid Death stresses exclusivity with their mini-fridge drop. 

35. Show and Tell What Sets You Apart

Unlike traditional jewelry brands, WWAKE sells pieces made with rare "imperfect" gemstones. They're beautiful and they're uncommon, which sets the company apart. 

WWAKE makes use of their caption by providing value to users and explaining what makes their business so special. 

36. Use Brand Authority to Your Advantage

When it comes to your business, you're the expert — and your audience knows that. 

See how Indigo uses brand authority to their advantage below.

By teasing helpful information and encouraging followers to head to the link in their bio to access the rest, they're able to drive traffic to their website without sounding too salesy. 

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37. Make Your Call-to-action Clear

Having a clear call-to-action (CTA) is one of the simplest ways to boost sales. Take note from Brightland, and spell out exactly what you want customers to do. 

Easy CTAs include, "click the link in bio," "tap the image to shop," and "follow us for additional info."

38. Get Timely with Content

Brooklinen started promoting their fall collection toward the end of summer. 

And while calling attention to the end of summer might sound contentious, using a caption to show customers you're anticipating their seasonal needs is always a proactive, good call.

39. Show Some Self-love

Artist Makena Andros makes users want to own her unique designs by showing how much she admires her own handmade creations in this short (but sweet) caption. 

40. Tie It Back to Your Mission

What Ellevest did here is genius. 

The personal finance company uses their caption to drive home their mission (to help women make more money) and they include a clear CTA  promoting one of their products.

41. Highlight Your Most Impressive Clientele

Another great way to make sales is to focus on how much your customers love your product. 

This tactic works particularly well if, like APOC STORE, you stock clips worn by celebrities like Dua Lipa

42. Focus on What Your Followers Care About

If your audience is passionate about a specific aspect of your business, cater your content to their interests. 

Miracle Eye, for instance, knows their customers care about sustainability, so they lean into that message in their captions.

43. Share Customers' Stories

A happy customer is the ultimate advocate for your brand. And studies show that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Use that knowledge to your advantage by telling a happy customer's story, like Square

What makes this caption particularly interesting is that the text itself doesn't mention Square. Instead, it tells a heartwarming story of a customer and their growing business.

But that story, when combined with the photo (which shows the customer using Square's products), acts as an indirect yet persuasive testimonial for the brand. 

44. Promote Your Product Offerings

Sometimes the most direct captions are also the most effective.