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Customer Case Studies

Baby Brand

How a popular baby brand turned customers into ambassadors to create influencer-generated content.

Baby posing in knitted owl hat
Baby posing in knitted owl hat

At a Glance

  • 26

    Influencers Activated

  • 99

    Pieces of Content

  • 84.1K


  • 16.9K

    Total Engagements

  • $0.23

    Avg Cost per Engagement

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The Objective

Scaling User-Generated Content

The baby brand’s team was managing influencer programs manually and found that they were unable to achieve the scale and time efficiencies they were looking for. They wanted to find influencers within their 150,000+ customer base who were part of their loyalty program and turn them into ambassadors to create social media content and generate ratings and reviews.

The brand sought to measure the total number of influencers and ambassadors activated via the program, the total amount of content created, and the awareness driven around products and new launches.

The brand wanted to specifically work with creators who represent their target audience, including mothers with newborns and toddlers, as well as expecting mothers. The team also hoped that by tapping into their target audience, they would uncover new talking points for storytelling about the KiwiCo Panda Crate.

The Solution

Turning Customers into Ambassadors

Finding the right customers to become influencers

With a target audience of Canadian parents with babies and toddlers, the baby brand needed to find nano- and micro-influencers based in Canada — either mothers/fathers or pregnant moms within their existing customer base and outside of it. The brand was able to activate influencers at scale while still achieving efficiency with incentive rates given the loyalty of existing consumers and their eagerness to partner.

The brand also leveraged its app, allowing parents to earn cash back and reward points towards diaper and wipe purchases. Influencers were asked to create content raising awareness for the app, to help other brand fans save and earn rewards.

Woman playing ring game on floor with small baby
Baby held to smile at camera wears yellow sweater and matching yellow hat
Woman smiles into mirror holding baby wearing floral jumpsuit

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Canadian parents became brand ambassadors

The baby brand focused on activating a large group of influencers to scale, typically 100 – 200 per campaign, to create influencer-generated content (IGC) to reach other Canadian parents and notify them of new product releases and product updates.

These “missions” integrated influencers into the baby brand’s family and drove toward the brand’s mission to bring quality, comfortable products to babies everywhere. Rather than being considered one-off campaigns, the idea was to consistently activate these brand fans multiple times to turn them into brand ambassadors.

Influencers were required to post on Instagram, both in-feed and via Stories. They included swipe-up links to the baby brand’s app and talked through the perks of being part of the club.

The brand team actively repurposes this IGC on their brand-owned channels and engages with content on Instagram, plus uses the IGC within their campaign invitations and imagery to reinforce loyalty.

Parents hold baby wearing knitted green cardigan
Baby wearing diaper chews on bunny toy while standing in nursery
Woman in white dress lifts baby in brown onesie in the air

The Results

IGC reaches a relevant audience

Baby in red onesie holds drum next to key campaign results




Pieces of Content




Total Engagements


Avg Cost per Engagement

By activating 26 influencers to create 99 total pieces of content for the campaign revolving around their app, the brand was able to generate 84.1K total impressions and 16.9K total engagements.

The brand surpassed the industry averages within the CPG category for both average engagement rate (10.1%) and average cost per engagement ($0.36), achieving a 20% engagement rate and $0.23 CPE.


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