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Customer Case Studies


How Bibigo leveraged creators across tiers and channels to generate influencer content and drive brand affinity.

Creator with glasses and overalls holds box of bibigo steamed dumplings next to bibigo logo
Creator with glasses and overalls holds box of bibigo steamed dumplings next to bibigo logo

At a Glance

  • 64%

    Increase in Impressions

  • 46M

    Total Impressions

  • 1M

    Total Engagements on TikTok

  • 3.2%

    Click-Through Rate on Instagram & Facebook

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The Objective

Driving maximum ROI

For bibigo, Korean flavor meets a modern twist with its line of supermarket dumplings (Mandu).

bibigo, alongside creative agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, worked with Later to source and manage strategic influencer partners. They needed a highly communicative influencer marketing partner to provide a seamless, smooth-running execution and strategy to drive bibigo’s influencer campaigns with maximum ROI.

Later possessed the ultimate mix of professionalism, attention to detail, and industry experience to be an asset to bibigo. With our diverse index of macro- and mega-influencers, plus strong relationships with creators across all spheres of influence, Later was positioned to help bibigo exceed its goals.

Instagram post of bibigo dumplings with text reading pan fried soup dumplings
Still from Instagram where creator shows how to make bibigo chicken and vegetable steamed dumplings
Instagram still of creator eating bibigo dumplings with text reading air fryer wontons
Instagram Posts by @feedmi_, @_recipes_ and @moribyan

The Solution

A collaborative influencer campaign

Later knew that, with our highly specialized team of experts, attention to detail, diverse creator network, and experience as the all-in-one influencer marketing platform for enterprise brands, we would be the perfect solution for bibigo.

Creator holds a box of bibigo steamed chicken and vegetable dumplings
Creator is delighted to be eating bibigo chicken and vegetable steamed dumplings
Instagram still explaining how to make bibigo Korean style crunchy chicken dumplings over photo of packaging
TikToks by @foodieonfleek, @feeedmi and an Instagram Post by @moribyan

The initial strategy

To fulfill bibigo's needs, Later was on a mission to showcase how it can seamlessly work with fewer, bigger, better influencers while maintaining an enhanced line of communication. Our team also wanted to highlight how it would help bibigo meet timeline expectations, prioritize engagement, drive brand awareness, and influence a love for bibigo products.

We strove to highlight our strengths in our first campaign with bibigo — which centered around the brand's line of Mandu products, or Korean-style dumplings. From a brand awareness perspective, bibigo wanted influencer-generated content (IGC) to highlight the bold flavor, easy prep, and shareability of its food selections.

To achieve the desired style of content, bibigo and Later knew that they needed to work with creators who had a proven history of high engagement and a genuine passion for authentic Asian cuisine plus storytelling through food. The brand team identified the ideal creator partner as a tastemaker among their peers with a substantial presence primarily on TikTok and Instagram — but also across Facebook and YouTube.

Creator with mustache poses with bibigo Mandu bulgogi chicken dumplings
Instagram still with a link to find a store selling Mandu bulgogi chicken dumplings
Still from Instagram with an assortment of bibigo products and link to find a store that sells bibigo
Stills of Instagram reels and posts by @chefreillymeehan, and @ms_shi_mr_he, for bibigo Campaign.

Targeting the right audience

Creators would need to be within the macro- or mega-influencer tiers — levels chosen because they would create higher-quality content, drive more engagements and impressions, and require fewer draft submissions and communication needs.

Later Influence™

Turn influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator.

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With creators promoting bibigo and its Mandu products via this campaign, the IGC would target consumers in the U.S. between 18 and 45 years old interested in Korean cuisine, cooking, and efficient meals. By maintaining the goal of “fewer, bigger, better,” creator partners were asked to share authentic stories on their social platforms about how they use food to connect with people they love.

Creative freedom was given, with some influencers even sharing bespoke recipes utilizing bibigo products and highlighting their Mandu options in their content. All IGC contained the hashtags #bibigo, #ad, and @bibigousa, allowing for easy campaign reporting focusing on impressions and engagements.

Bald creator with beard holds box of bibigo crunchy chicken dumplings. Text overlay says thats delicious.
Board game with snacks surrounding the board including bibigo dumplings
Creator shows how she makes healthy meals with her roommate with bibigo dumplings on TikTok
Stills of TikTok posts by @bengingi, and @tasteandtraveler for bibigo Campaign.

Content with heart

This campaign came to life primarily via TikTok and Instagram content. Some creators also utilized YouTube Shorts and Facebook video posts — depending on their presence and strength on each respective channel. IGC enticed viewers with mouthwatering recipes and/or intimate insight into their lives — all supporting bibigo’s vision for content with heart.

Together, these creators drove a highly visual and compelling campaign that focused on a strategic concept about how food is meant to be shared, and that a quick, easy meal doesn’t have to sacrifice bold flavor.

Some IGC was also featured on bibigo’s brand-owned social channels. Even more was incorporated into paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, therefore extending the reach and lifespan of the content.

Creator with glasses posts Instagram story promoting bibigo juicy and flavorful dumplings
Creator posts video eating a bibigo feast with her mother visiting from China
Creator with mustache and hat in professional chefs kitchen looks at bibigo dumplings on a skewer
Stills of Instagram Reels and posts by @ms_shi_mr_he, and @noflakeysalt for bibigo Campaign.

A resounding success

Between the thoughtful and concrete content strategy and goals that bibigo and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners developed, a thorough search for the best creators, and a strategic partnership with Later, this campaign proved a success.

The brand’s Mandu product line was promoted via a collection of beautiful content that was personal, compelling, inspirational, and effectively positioned bibigo as more than another food brand. Additionally, the creators’ core message to promote a shared culinary experience made for a cohesive and compelling series of successful content.

The Results

The stats don’t lie

Creator eats bibigo Mandu dumplings with chopsticks next to key campaign results


Increase in Impressions


Total Impressions


Total Engagements on TikTok


Click-Through Rate on Instagram & Facebook

Key campaign stats; TikTok Post by @papabwoii for bibigo

Later helped bibigo achieve its goals by fully managing its campaign — from sourcing to influencer communication to draft coordination to payment and everything in between.

Notable results include:

  • A 64% increase in impressions from all paid media
  • On TikTok: 20M total impressions and 1M total engagements
    • Resulting in a 3% click-through rate, compared to a 1.3% benchmark!
  • On Instagram and Facebook: 26M total impressions and 3M total engagements
    • Resulting in 203K total clicks (and a 3.2% click-through rate)


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