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Customer Stories

The Goldilocks Goods Story

How Later helps Goldilocks Goods bring together the power of social media & eco-friendly living.

Founded by Amy Hall in 2016, Goldilocks Goods creates eco-friendly products with an emphasis on living a conscious and low-waste life – and doing it beautifully.

Amy first began her journey to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle while volunteering in the South Pacific, where she witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by plastic waste to marine life and the planet.

Returning home, she wanted to make changes but found that trying to go zero-waste was difficult and overwhelming. She then made it her mission to look for easy swaps for everyday items – starting out with beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap – and thus, Goldilocks was born.

Snack wrapped in Goldilocks beeswax wrap compared with snack wrapped in plastic wrap

Social media at Goldilocks

Amy has used social media to share her mission around sustainability, promote her products, and grow an engaged following and community of like-minded consumers. From the very beginning, Amy’s voice and personality have been at the center of Goldilocks’ online presence – helping to make the brand relatable and authentic.

Social media is where we built the brand. It’s been so tied to me and my personality and that’s really helped us keep the tone natural and authentic.

Amy Hall

Founder of Goldilocks Goods

Like many founders Amy wears a lot of hats, so as the company grew, she brought Steph Snelling on board as Manager of Marketing & Social Media. Steph’s role also encompasses a lot of responsibilities, so when it comes to managing social marketing, it’s all about strong processes and efficient workflows.

The key to a strong organic social strategy is batch working. Later helps me repurpose content for various channels easily when scheduling and optimizing content across accounts.

Steph Snelling

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Managing an omnichannel strategy by focusing on one platform

When Goldilocks first started posting on social, Instagram was the team’s primary channel. But as they’ve scaled, they’ve now started building a following across multiple platforms.

457% Facebook following growth since 2019

229% Instagram following growth since 2019

Goldilocks produce bags holding walnuts and lemons in yellow and orange patterns

When I started out, it was just me, so I focused my attention on Instagram because that was really all I had time for.

Goldilocks built out a content strategy that optimizes Instagram since it’s where most of their followers are, and this strategy can now be easily adapted for other platforms. For example, one post can be repurposed across channels with optimizations to ensure it’s both timely and relevant to that channel. This approach has helped them make the most out of their content, while staying efficient with their time.

We can take that Instagram content we’ve planned and make it work for Facebook and Pinterest, too.

Multi-profile scheduling with Later makes this quick and easy. Goldilocks can plan out their posts for the week or month ahead by dragging and dropping content from the Media Library, tailoring the caption and hashtags, and resizing the media so it’s the perfect size for each platform – all within Later.

Screenshot of scheduling a multi-profile post on Later showing an image and inputs to the right for publish date and caption.

I usually start with the Instagram caption and then optimize the content for our other channels to streamline my workflow.

By thinking beyond the Instagram feed, Goldilocks is able to reach new and broader audiences. And by streamlining their scheduling by multi-profile scheduling in Later, it’s easy to get more mileage out of each piece of content.

Balancing content themes on social and beyond

Three examples of Goldilocks' content types. The first is educational and reads 9 tips for reducing food waste. The second is a product shot of their produce bags and the last shows their customers using their products in their kitchen.

Goldilocks plans their content around three key themes – community, education, and product. This has allowed them to share the brand’s story, the low-waste and social justice issues they support, and their products. Plus, it’s helped them grow a 65k+ following on Instagram.

Link in Bio 2nd highest website referrer

Screenshot of Goldilocks' Link in Bio page with a button to visit their website and a grid of their latest posts that link out to other relevant content

By focusing on community building and the Goldilocks mission, talking about their products has become a natural extension of their social content – without ever being salesy. For a team that’s all about authenticity, delivering value to their followers

We want to create content that serves our audience.

Balancing different content themes also means juggling multiple calls to action for their followers. Something that’s hard to do with just one bio link (aka the website link in your Instagram bio). Goldilocks uses Link in Bio by Later to help their followers discover more content on their website.

Expanding on the mission

Using Later has helped Goldilocks build out their cross-channel strategy, streamline their content themes, drive more traffic, and make time for new initiatives. For the past two years, they’ve helped coordinate a Blue Friday initiative that aims to disrupt the mass consumerism of Black Friday by uniting a group of like-minded businesses to donate profits from a single day of sales. To date, they’ve raised $20,000 collectively which has purchased three Seabins that help remove debris and filter surface oil from local marinas.

Working on bigger partnerships is going to allow us to have an even bigger impact.

They’re also continuing to expand their selection of low-waste alternatives for everyday goods – making it simple for customers to make more easy eco-friendly swaps.

Growing the Goldilocks online presence has allowed them to support their mission in new and exciting ways – and managing their social media with Later has helped make that happen.

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