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How KiwiCo leveraged Later Influence to find authentic creators for its latest brand campaign.

Woman laughs with child next to KiwiCo logo
Woman laughs with child next to KiwiCo logo

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The Objective

Engaging New Moms & Young Minds With Curated Activities

KiwiCo develops engaging hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) projects and activities to spark curiosity and creativity aimed to inspire a lifetime of learning. With award-winning products for kids of all ages, KiwiCo has shipped over 50 million activity crates worldwide. Each crate is thoughtfully developed by experts — thoroughly tested by kids — and designed to inspire new discoveries and experimentation.

As early adopters of creator-led content, the in-house marketing team at KiwiCo had the knowledge and experience to see the value in influencer marketing. So the brand decided to work with Later Influence to help scale their influencer marketing program, including their latest campaign to drive more awareness and conversions for the KiwiCo Panda Crate line designed for 0-36-month-olds.

The brand wanted to specifically work with creators who represent their target audience, including mothers with newborns and toddlers, as well as expecting mothers. The team also hoped that by tapping into their target audience, they would uncover new talking points for storytelling about the KiwiCo Panda Crate.

“We needed something easy to implement and manage, and that also wasn't a huge strain on our resources and costs — and Later Influence did just that.”

Jonathan Fukuhara headshot

Jonathan Fukuhara

Associate Director of Marketing, KiwiCo

The Solution

Streamlining Influencer Search to Find Champion Creators

KiwiCo tapped the Later Influence Services team to help carry out their KiwiCo Panda Crate initiative, from influencer outreach to negotiations and execution. The brand decided to boost posts across both Meta and TikTok — knowing that they had previously seen a lot of success with creator content on TikTok, which could be re-shared on Meta platforms.

Influencer outreach & negotiations

The KiwiCo team had Later help guide them through the entire influencer search, outreach, briefing, and booking process. The brand wanted to work with authentic creators because they perform better, and knew they could reuse and repurpose their content.

The Later team used their expertise to source and create a shortlist of recommended influencers to share with the brand, who then helped to narrow down and select the influencers used in the campaign. The Later team also helped with negotiations to reduce back-and-forth with influencers, helping the KiwiCo team save extra time.

Finding champion creators

It was very important for the brand to work with influencers who genuinely matched with the KiwiCo brand and enjoyed their products. This also helped cross off the brand’s goal of finding influencers who could speak about their products in a new, authentic way — instead of giving creators specific messaging to post about.

Later Influence™

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Later helped the team find what they eventually called their “champion creators”, who shared UGC content using the KiwiCo Panda Crate paired with their own unique messaging and personal, fun take.

Still from social media post with child opening their KiwiCo Panda Crate
Still from social post with child playing with a toy on the floor from KiwiCo panda crate
Still from social post with child happily playing with PandaCrate and text overlay rating the box 10 out of 10
Creator @hellomorales (now one of KiwiCo’s “champion creators”) offered their unique and funny point of view on the brand’s baby line that they never had before.

Unlimited content usage rights

The KiwiCo team wanted to find creator partners that they could continue working with regularly and also wanted to be able to repurpose and reshare their content across different platforms.

The Later Influence platform was the perfect solution because they were able to specifically filter and work with creators who allowed for content usage rights in perpetuity — meaning KiwiCo owns the rights to their content and can repurpose and re-post it across channels indefinitely.

“We’re able to easily find creators who allow for content rights in perpetuity, so we can easily repurpose & repost their content across platforms without extra costs. No other platforms offer this.”

Sarah Lim Headshot

Sara Lim

Senior Marketing Manager, KiwiCo

The Results

Authentic, Personalized Content Works

Child plays with wooden toy next to key campaign results




Posts Shared


Boosted Posts on TikTok and Meta

Key campaign stats; Reel by @the_original_cococaviar

The KiwiCo team was thrilled with the results of the KiwiCo Panda Crate campaign, which increased brand awareness and brand perception. Within the brand, their in-house marketing team is known for always finding new opportunities and successfully testing different types of content.

Key results from the campaign include:

  • 40 Influencers
  • 150+ Posts Shared
  • 30+ Boosted Posts on Multiple Platforms

The creators who worked on the campaign shared their personal experience using KiwiCo’s Panda Crate Line, adding their unique spin which helped the content to stand out and resonate with followers.

Girl with pigtails is delighted with a toy she received in KiwiCo Panda Crate
Boy plays with wooden toy on living room floor with text overlay reading Learn Through Play
Small girl in floral dress plays with wooden toy from KiwiCo on living room floor
Instagram Reels and TikToks posted by @seth_and_sofia, @thelindsayann, and @damacenoalice

“The Later Influence content library helps us see the full history of our creator content, which is so helpful when we need to pull content for other channels.”

Lisann Arndt Headshot

Lisann Arndt

Marketing Manager, KiwiCo


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