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Customer Case Studies

Men’s Wearhouse

How Men’s Wearhouse partnered with Later to activate creators for an Instagram prom campaign.

Man in tuxedo smiles into the camera next to the Mens Wearhouse logo
Man in tuxedo smiles into the camera next to the Mens Wearhouse logo

At a Glance

  • 5

    Total Creators

  • 40

    Total Pieces of Content

  • 88.7K

    Total Impressions

  • 6.5K

    Total Engagements

  • 7.3%

    Average Engagement Rate

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The Objective

Awareness for prom rentals

Prom is one of the most important selling seasons for Men’s Wearhouse. With prom season in full swing, Men’s Wearhouse, part of Tailored Brands, focused its efforts on an influencer marketing campaign highlighting its rentable line of prom fashions.

Using high-quality, influencer-generated content (IGC) as its main tool, Men’s Wearhouse wanted to generate awareness about its easy, streamlined rental process and showcase the breadth of fashion options available at its stores.

This objective was achieved by sourcing and activating the best-suited high school creators to represent the brand.

The Solution

Finding student content creators

In the spirit of high school prom season, Men’s Wearhouse wanted to activate content creators who are also high school students feeling excited about their upcoming prom. Additionally, Men’s Wearhouse wanted to activate creators with unique hobbies to incorporate into their content — such as interests in fashion, dance, roller skating, and more.

The goal was to showcase the rental process and fashion options offered by Men’s Wearhouse while encouraging these influencers to stay true to their own unique style.

Instagram post of a young man in a black tuxedo and a young woman in a glittery black dress
Instagram post of young man in blue tuxedo walking downstairs outdoors
Instagram posts by @jstukkoo and @trederego.

The strategy

Creators were asked to rent their prom fashion from Men’s Wearhouse and then create Instagram content based on two themes: something showcasing their prom ‘fit, and another recapping their prom fun.

In addition, Men’s Wearhouse wanted creator content to communicate the convenience and variety of the rental service, plus the staff’s helpfulness.

The posts included the required hashtags #MensWearhouse and #MWProm. Creator partners also tagged and mentioned @menswearhouse with the Paid Partnership Tag on Instagram, and allowed business partners to promote it, which enabled Men’s Wearhouse to share IGC on its brand-owned social media channels.

Sourcing creators

Later Influence™

Turn influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator.

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To source creators for the campaign, Later and Men’s Wearhouse selected a potential creator pool based on age and keywords in creator profiles that included things like “high school,” “sports,” “dancing,” “prom,” “fashion,” and more.

Influencers who were invited to apply were asked to propose the concept they envisioned for the campaign so that the teams could have a clear picture of the influencer-generated content before it was created.

Later and Men’s Wearhouse also sought to provide optimal, frequent communications; they provided a clear creative brief to creators with sample videos, images, and detailed dos and don’ts. The guidelines provided some constraints while also giving creators the freedom to deliver content that was unique and special to them.

Creator in black tuxedo poses in front of an indoor staircase with a red carpet
Creator in black tuxedo with bowtie poses with prom date in white dress
Instagram posts by @drunkboba and @max_bonn.

Scheduling content creation

In addition to coordinating the campaign’s sourcing and communication, Later also helped to schedule the creators’ rental appointments at Men’s Wearhouse locations and provided personalized support to influencers who had additional questions.

Because high school students have many responsibilities and busy schedules, the Later team made sure to incorporate several deadline reminders, plus a considerable time allotment for content creation and edits. Later also took the initiative to be highly communicative with Men’s Wearhouse stores to ensure that sizing, shipments, fittings, and more would not affect content production.

Creator compensation

Creators were compensated with an agreed-upon cash incentive, delivered via PayPal after their posts were created and verified within 30 days of the campaign’s end. In addition to the cash incentive, Men’s Wearhouse covered all rental costs for creators.

To easily track the campaign, influencers connected their social media accounts to Later’s influencer marketing platform, which allowed for content metrics to be pulled in automatically and enabled self-reporting.

The Results

Over 1 million impressions

Creator in glasses and black tuxedo with purple bowtie smiles into camera next to key campaign results


Total Pieces of Content


Total Impressions


Total Engagements


Average Engagement Rate

Key campaign stats; Instagram post by @dylan__morton.

Later and Men’s Wearhouse worked with 5 creators to make 40 pieces of content. Their posts brought in 87.5K impressions and 6.5K engagements for an average engagement rate of 7.3%.

This content reached an impressive 1.46 million people across Instagram and Facebook.


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