The MeUndies Story

Curation & Community: How Later helped MeUndies grow their Instagram following by 40% in just one year.

Since 2011, MeUndies has been building their empire and introducing people to the world’s most comfortable underwear.

With a simple mission to make people feel good, the LA-based brand continues to dominate the market with its fun, colorful and cheeky presence.

And when it comes to MeUndies’ Instagram, their distinctive branding, tone, and style have been flawlessly integrated into their social strategy.

Pictures of models in MeUndies underwear, with a graphic reading 40 percent increase in follower growth in 1 year

Over the last three years, MeUndies has leveraged Later’s platform for its scheduling and planning needs. MeUndies grew its 280k-strong Instagram community by 40% in just one year through its strategy of focusing on curating user-generated images, tight scheduling, and product showcases.

Instagram is the top social media platform for the MeUndies brand. It allows for deeper storytelling and brings the brand to life.

Bare Branding

For MeUndies’ audience, Instagram acts as the vehicle for the brand’s voice. It’s the showreel for everything MeUndies stands for: comfort, style, and confidence.

Our goal for our feed is to give our viewers a good sense for our brand and product offering within the first 1 to 3 scrolls.

It’s important to MeUndies to be able to show off the brand with its naturally honest, humorous and authentic voice. And they’ve achieved this through a healthy balance of product shots and light-hearted, viral culture references.

Woman wearing a MeUndies bra with an avocado pattern, holding two avocado halfs over her eyes and making a silly faceCrafting a strong aesthetic on Instagram allows us to tell the MeUndies story through compelling imagery that showcases our distinctive brand and engages and grows our community.A man and woman wearing MeUndies underwear in a watermelon pattern, both posing with watermelon slices and laughing

Instagram also serves to build trust with new and potential customers. By using Later’s feature, MeUndies have been able to provide a gateway for easy product browsing and shopping through Instagram.

MeUndies’ Instagram followers want to know more about the brand and see full collections, previous or limited edition prints, and how others are wearing MeUndies.

Preview of a post for a MeUndies instagram post on a white smartphoneWe’ve seen a positive impact on our sales using A healthy percentage of sales now come through from our page.

Curate to Captivate

Whether using images from a MeUndies photo shoot, a collaboration with designers and brands, or behind the scenes clips of MeUndies HQ, every Instagram post is cherry-picked and curated by the team to create an overall aesthetic.

Later has enabled our team to focus on producing quality, engaging content by freeing up time that would have been spent on collecting user-generated assets, planning, and scheduling.Graphic reading 2 to 3 hours saved each week using Later, over 2 pictures of a bridal party wearing matching MeUndies underwear

One of MeUndies’ strongest social assets is its branded hashtag. Over 19k images have been posted by MeUndies fans under the #MeUndies hashtag featuring friends, partners, and even pets showing off the range.

And these images feature heavily in MeUndies’ strong Instagram aesthetic. The MeUndies social team will at times leverage Later’s Search and Repost feature to filter images so they can handpick and share user- generated posts with their community.

Undercover Scheduling

This level of curation doesn’t happen overnight. The MeUndies social calendar is planned to perfection with Later’s calendar and feed preview features.

Using Later for schedulin, MeUndies’ social content is built out 60 days in advance, with room and flexibility for an unexpected cultural moment or pivots in direction. For the social team, Later’s Visual Planner and share calendar feature of their future Instagram feed, has been a game changer.

A MeUndies package with a cactus pattern, balanced on a desert plant against a bright red backgroundHaving the ability to send a preview of the planned Instagram feed via a link makes it incredibly simple to share it with our stakeholders.

This level of team collaboration, future social planning, and dedication to their unique branding has built the MeUndies Instagram community, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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