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Customer Case Studies

Reebok x Zumiez

How Later powered Reebok & Zumiez’s first co-collaboration and drove almost 1 million impressions.

Creator poses with pair of Reeboks between Reebok and Zumiez logos
Creator poses with pair of Reeboks between Reebok and Zumiez logos

At a Glance

  • 10

    Total Creators

  • 60

    Pieces of Content

  • 927.6K

    Total Impressions

  • 55.6K

    Total Engagements

  • 6%

    Average Engagement Rate

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The Objective

Promoting the Club C Shoe

Reebok is a world-renowned shoewear company that has long been the go-to brand for athletic, casual, and hybrid footwear. It’s well-known for its Club C 85 shoe, one of Reebok’s most popular, versatile models. Reebok partnered with Zumiez to elevate the latest Club C iterations for the 2022-23 holiday season, available on the Zumiez website as well as in retail stores.

Reebok needed a promotional strategy that would drive strong engagement and high click-through rates (CTR) for the Club C iterations on the Zumiez website — all while contributing to in-store sales. It also wanted to create an opportunity to engage with Zumiez customers online in a fun, authentic way.

Creator on bike wearing Reebok shoes
Still of TikTok creator trying on Reebok Club C shoes
Still of TikTok creator posing in Reebok Club C shoes
Instagram reel by @markelljones_ and stills of TikToks by @lindsaymjay_ and @808sandmixtapes.

The Solution

An exciting collaboration

Reebok and Zumiez agreed that they wanted to target Gen-Z shoppers who prioritized street style and individuality. With this in mind, Reebok and Zumiez were eager to run a creator campaign to promote Club C and showcase how this adaptable shoe fits into modern holiday styling.

This collaboration was extra exciting because it was the first influencer marketing campaign that Reebok and Zumiez partnered on together. Reebok was keen to test an influencer marketing strategy through this partnership while utilizing the Zumiez customer insights available to both teams. These insights were a key component in determining the ideal influencer for sourcing.

In the end, Reebok and Zumiez landed on the perfect influencer persona for this campaign: a creative, expressive Gen-Z who fearlessly makes their style their own with an innate ability to connect with followers. This matched well with Zumiez’s existing customer persona, which is notably ever-changing and wants to stand out.

Creator in vintage clothing talks on phone on bed wearing Reebok Club C shoes
Close up of Instagram creator Ethan Jones in Reebok Club C shoe
Creator holds Reebok shoes on both sides of her face in Instagram post
Still of TikTok by @gracebritt, Instagram reel by and Instagram post by @mariarengi.

Later Influence™

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Working with Later

Later’s reputation as the best influencer marketing platform for enterprise brands made it the ideal partner for Reebok and Zumiez. The managed services team at Later is committed to excellence, which led to a highly successful collaboration. Reebok was particularly impressed by the Services team’s attention to detail, proactive communication, professionalism, sourcing practices, and campaign management style.

“[The Later Services team] made sure to learn the target consumer. [They] cast a net to those in their network who fit this persona, and from there, helped us in securing the influencers that would lead this campaign.”

Martha Peppes

Associate Marketing Manager at Reebok

Instagram story post featuring Reebok Club C shoes with a link to purchase at Zumiez
Creator does a backflip in the middle of the road with a link to buy the Reebok Club C shoes from Zumiez
Creator in large white hat poses in golden hour on a stairwell wearing Reebok Club Cs
Instagram posts by @gino.moretta and @eliassnyders and still of TikTok by @katielynnestyle

High-quality influencer-generated content

Reebok and Zumiez were thrilled with the influencer-generated content (IGC) that was a result of the thorough creative brief that they crafted with help from the Services team’s expertise. The content empowered the brands to interact with their Gen-Z audience while reaching their KPIs: engagement, web traffic, and click-through rates.

Zumiez was also able to repurpose IGC on its owned social media channels, on website-based digital banners, and within in-store signage placements.

The Results

A successful partnership

Reebok Club C shoes next to key campaign stats


Total Organic Engagements


Average Engagement Rate


Cost Per Engagement (CPE)


Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

Key campaign stats; Instagram post by @eric.sierra.
  • Their content — including Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos — drove a collective 927.6K total impressions and 55.6K total engagements, resulting in a 6% average engagement rate.
  • The campaign also achieved a $0.12 cost per engagement (CPE), which beat the industry average of $0.13 CPE; additionally, the campaign’s cost per thousand impressions (CPM) was $7.36 — lower than the industry average of $17.12.

The campaign’s success supported the validity of influencer marketing as a tactic plus the return on investment for a program like this, teeing up future Reebok x Zumiez co-branded partnerships.


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