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Customer Case Studies

Spectrum Brands

How Spectrum Brands and Later activated 4 pet brands for a Holly Jolly holiday campaign.

Child in santa hat pets dog wearing reindeer antlers next to Spectrum Brands logo
Child in santa hat pets dog wearing reindeer antlers next to Spectrum Brands logo

At a Glance

  • 387

    Total Pieces of Content

  • 407.5K

    Total Impressions

  • 52K

    Total Engagements

  • 12.8%

    Average Engagement Rate

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The Objective

Raising awareness with TikTok

Spectrum Brands is a global supplier of top brands in home improvement, garden, personal care, and pet spaces. Its pet care brands include Good ’N’ Fun®, SmartBones®, DreamBone®, Nature’s Miracle®, FURminator®, and Tetra®.

For the holiday season, Spectrum Brands wanted to promote four of its pet brands across TikTok and Instagram, with content creators at the helm. This influencer-generated content (IGC) would then be repurposed through a paid media strategy, with a particular focus on TikTok. Spectrum Brands also wanted to collect influencer product reviews to help prospective customers while researching the brand’s pet care products.

Creator Ally Cookes dog Frankie indoors in front of Christmas tree and behind a package of Good 'n' Fun dog chews
Creator Irenes dog Charlie outside in red scarf in front of holiday decor next to 2 packages of Good 'n' Fun dog chews
Creator Katherine Galls dog Calvin wearing reindeer antlers headband next to package of Good 'n' Fun dog chews
Instagram posts by @wanderlustwithdogs, @beaucoeur and @gall_adventures for Good ‘N’ Fun Campaign.

The Solution

Connecting with pet owners

This pet care campaign targeted U.S.-based pet owners of all ages. As such, the creator partners had to fit this influencer persona and have an established pet-centric presence on social media.

Brand awareness was an important driver of this campaign, but there were also formal key performance indicators (KPIs) that Spectrum Brands wanted to analyze. These KPIs included impressions, especially for the paid media component, and engagement rates.

Smiling husky lying outside next to Furminator product
Curious dog poses on a bed next to Furminator product
Large white dog lies on the ground outdoors next to Furminator product
Instagram posts by @lyndseydickerson, @meganmayday and @troubleon4paws for FURminator Campaign.

3 Tiers of Creators

Later and Spectrum Brands activated influencers within three tiers of influence, defined as such:

  • Tier One: 40K+ followers (Macro-influencers)
  • Tier Two: 10K-40K followers (Micro-influencers)
  • Tier Three: 3-10K followers (Nano-influencers)

Spectrum Brands and Later offered flat-rate cash incentives aligning with each tier’s follower range plus free products for content use. They also offered additional compensation to creators who provided reviews and to those who submitted quotes and concepts for their work on TikTok.

Because this campaign took place during the holiday season, creator partners needed to adhere to stricter timelines and the communication between creators and brand stakeholders needed to be extra clear.

In the end, there was a host of beautifully curated content generated across Instagram and TikTok from creators.

Small dog in Christmas sweater sits next to Christmas tree and DreamBone products
Long haired dachshund sits on bed next to DreamBone products
Border collie in reindeer antlers sits on porch next to child in santa hat and DreamBone products
Instagram posts by @simplymorganblake, and @vivimccoy_ for DreamBone Campaign.

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4 brands, 10 campaigns

Spectrum Brands’ holiday campaign featured content on both Instagram and TikTok while focusing on four of its pet care brands: Good ‘N’ Fun, DreamBone, SmartBones, and FURminator.

Later’s Services team coordinated a total of 10 campaigns featuring these brands while providing strategic support, handling all paid media activations, and crafting comprehensive reporting on all campaign results. Meanwhile, Spectrum Brands handled all product shipping logistics and managed communication with creators.

The Results

A barkin’ good holiday

German shepherd poses with dog treat next to key campaign stats


Total Pieces of Content


Total Impressions


Total Engagements


Average Engagement Rate

Key campaign stats; Still of TikTok by @von.jakoba for SmartBones Campaign.

Spectrum Brands’ holiday influencer marketing campaign for its pet products resulted in original IGC and ratings and reviews for the four brands, all conducted on TikTok and Instagram. SmartBones also received a special paid media activation through TikTok Spark Ads.

The combined campaigns resulted in 387 pieces of influencer-generated content (IGC), driving 407.5K total impressions, 52K total engagements, and an average engagement rate of 12.8%.

Brand-specific performance

DreamBone “Deck The Paws” Campaigns

  • 37 creators
  • 154 pieces of content
  • 156.7K total impressions
  • 14.8K total engagements
  • 9.5% average engagement rate

SmartBones “Tis The Season” Campaign

  • 8 creators
  • 18 pieces of content
  • 64K total impressions
  • 6.4K total engagements
  • 10.1% average engagement rate
Two festive corgis lie on bed with a bag of DreamBone treats between them
TikTok still of a lab in a Santa hat with the text Tis the reason for raw-hide free treats overlaying the video
TikTok still of husky in Christmas sweater eating treat with text overlay reading Made with real chicken and vegetables
Instagram posts by @prestonthefluffycorgi and stills of TikToks by @wanderlustwithdogs, @2husketeers.

Good ‘N’ Fun “Santa’s List” Campaigns

  • 49 creators
  • 132 pieces of content
  • 129.3K total impressions
  • 22.4K total engagements
  • 17.3% average engagement rate

FURminator “Holiday Shedding” Campaign

  • 20 creators
  • 83 pieces of content
  • 57.5K total impressions
  • 8.4K total engagements
  • 14.6% average engagement rate


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