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Later’s Influencer Database

10 million opportunities for your brand

Find the best brand partnerships with Later’s Influencer Index, a database with millions of creators to choose from.

User searches for millennial wellness in Later influencer database
User searches for millennial wellness in Later influencer database

How Later Influence Works

Influencer collaborations, curated for you

Find and connect with the right creators for your campaigns, with millions of influencers at your fingertips.

Search Laters influencer database using demographic filters and the find similar influencers tool
  1. 1.

    Streamline your search

    Find authentic creators in your niche with easy-to-use filters.

  2. 2.

    Background checks, begone

    Our influencers come fully vetted, saving you time-consuming background checks.

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    Discover similar creators

    Build a roster using the Similar Creators button, showing you profiles similar to creators you’re already interested in.

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    Recruit influencers in platform

    Automated communications and streamlined workflows simplify the influencer outreach process.

Our Influencer Index

The database of your dreams

Get access to micro and macro influencers with an established presence on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

The influencer search tool helps a brand find millennial wellness influencers

Influencer Search Tool

Filter to find your best partnerships

Navigate the Influencer Index with our Influencer Search Tool and filter your search by over 20 demographics - including location, niche, and follower count - to find the right fit.

Laters influencer database has different creators that align with your brands specific needs

Influencers for Every Campaign

Tailored talent to meet your needs

Generate a bank of content with UGC creators. Create loyalty programs with enthusiastic brand ambassadors. Later Influence has creators that align with your campaign.

Find the best influencers for your brand and execute your strategy alongside the Later Services team

Influencer Marketing Experts

Partner with the best in the business

So you’ve found the right influencers - what’s next? Craft the perfect strategy to reach your targets & grow your influencer marketing program with the expertise of Later’s Services team.


What our customers are saying

Headshot of Later user Kym Recco of Toms of Main

The depth and diversity of their influencer network keeps on giving. I love that no matter how many campaigns we run, there always seems to be new and on-brand influencers to engage with … The creative keeps on giving long after the campaign is over.

Kym Recco

Tom’s of Maine, Digital Marketing Manager

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Find the right content creators and turn influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator.