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Nature Instagram Captions

Nothing says “the great outdoors” like the perfect horizon shot. Find the right Instagram caption to go with your content, with over 100+ nature captions from the lake to the mountains and beyond.

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Nature Instagram Captions

  • Nature never goes out of style

  • Deep breathes

  • Mother nature

  • Nature at its best

  • Nature: Cheaper than therapy

  • In awe

  • This view >

  • Forget your troubles

  • Not over these views

  • Nature is everything

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Sunset Captions for Instagram

  • Golden hour 

  • Sunset state of mind 

  • The sun’s final bow 

  • Chasing sunsets

  • Cotton candy skies

  • The sun’s putting on a show 

  • Never met a sunset I didn’t like 

  • Fifty shades of pink 

  • Here comes the sunset 

  • Pink haze and perfect days 

  • Endless horizons 

  • Golden moments

  • Love you to the sunset and back 

  • Soaking up the sunset

Ocean Captions for Instagram

  • Let’s play mermaids 

  • Sea ya later

  • Life’s a beach 

  • Hang ten, baby! 

  • Saltwater therapy 

  • Go with the flow 

  • Sandy toes and salty kisses

  • Beach days are here 

  • Salt in the air, sand in my hair 

  • Paradise found 

  • Walking on sunshine 

  • Find your wave

  • Seashells by the sea shore

  • 99 problems but a beach ain’t one

  • Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat

  • If you need me I’ll be at the beach 

  • Sandcastle architect

Waterfall Captions for Instagram

  • Don’t go chasing waterfalls (without a towel)

  • Waterfall ahead

  • Wet and wild

  • Good to the last drop

  • Livestreaming, get it?

  • Taking the scenic route

  • Not complaining about this view 

  • BRB out chasing waterfalls

  • Water you up to today?

  • Took the plunge 

  • Paradise found

  • Sorry, TLC

  • Just go with the flow

Mountain Captions for Instagram

  • On top of the world

  • River? Deep. Mountain? High

  • I’ve peaked

  • Scaling new heights

  • Reaching new summits

  • Breathe that crisp mountain air

  • Mountain vibes

  • The view from the top

  • Alexa, play “the climb” by Miley Cyrus 

  • Brokeback mountain as in broke my back to get this pic 

  • Take me to the mountains

  • More altitude, less attitude 

  • At the tippy top

  • Made for the mountains

Sunrise Captions for Instagram

  • Rise and shine

  • Morning magic

  • It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

  • Golden hour

  • Morning bliss

  • Sunrise and coffee

  • I got a pocket full of sunshine 

  • Soaking up the sun

  • Rising to the occasion

  • I’m walkin’ on sunshine

  • Pretending to be a morning person for this view

  • Not a morning person, just a sunrise person

  • The best show in town

  • I woke up like this

  • Found the perfect sunrise spot

Full Moon Instagram Captions

  • Moonstruck

  • Full moon vibes

  • In a howling mood 

  • Hoping this will fix my problems 

  • Luna love 

  • Under a spell 

  • Dreamy night sky 

  • Meet me under the full moon

  • The queen of the night 

  • Starry night 

  • You’ve been mooned

  • Love you to the moon and back

  • Moon child 

  • Shoot for the moon

River Captions for Instagram

  • Let the river guide your soul

  • Nature's symphony, the river's melody

  • Lost in the currents of serenity

  • Going with the flow

  • Where the river meets the sky

  • Embracing the rhythm

  • Finding solace

  • Chasing dreams

  • The river's magic runs deep

  • Diving into the river of endless possibilities

  • Wandering where the river takes me

  • Reflections of tranquility in the river's mirror

  • Exploring the hidden treasures of the river

  • Time stands still as the river flows

  • Finding peace in the river's embrace

  • Captivated by the ever-changing beauty

Lake Captions for Instagram

  • Embracing the calmness of the lake

  • Lake life

  • Lost in the serenity of the still waters

  • Lakeside dreams and tranquil reflections

  • I could stay here forever

  • A moment of bliss by the shimmering lake

  • Finding solace in the gentle lapping of the lake

  • The lake's embrace

  • Lake selfies

  • Let your worries sail away

  • Lakeside adventures and endless possibilities

  • Lake days are the best days

  • Bliss found at the water's edge

  • Paradise found

  • Floating through life on the tranquil lake

All that hiking for the shot was worth it, now all you have to do is pick from 100+ Instagram captions to add the finishing touches.

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