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Summer Instagram Captions

Make your summer memories shine on social media with our ultimate list of summer Instagram captions.

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Summer Instagram Captions

  • Sun-kissed and loving it

  • Summer state of mind

  • Stay salty

  • Paradise found

  • Life is better in the summer

  • What’s winter?

  • So much sun, so little time

  • Ice cream is the most important food group

  • Living on island time

  • Out of office

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Beach Instagram Captions

  • Leave only footprints, take only memories – my beach mantra

  • Salty hair, sandy toes, and a heart full of joy

  • Chasing sunsets and collecting seashells 

  • Adventures await where the sand meets the sea

  • Seas the day and let the beach vibes take you away.

  • Seas the day

  • Tropical vibes and sunny skies

  • Life's a beach, and I'm just riding the waves

  • Beach therapy

  • Sun, sand, and endless waves

  • Sun-kissed and salty 

  • Long time, no sea

  • The beach is calling

  • You, me, and the sea

  • My happy place

  • See you at the beach

  • Eat. Sleep. Beach. Repeat

  • Beach bum

  • Beach hair, don’t care

  • Girls just want to have sun

  • I can sea clearly now

  • Sandy toes, summer smiles

  • Sweet and salty

Short Summer Instagram Captions

  • Sunkissed Bliss

  • Sunny Hunny

  • Hot Girl Summer

  • Makin’ a Splash

  • Vacay Mode

  • Sun Chaser

  • Sunscreen Szn

  • School’s Out

  • Sizzling

  • Summer Glow

  • Sundaze

4th of July Instagram Captions

  • Red, white, and BBQ

  • Poolside chilin’ and grillin’

  • Making memories

  • Young, wild, and free

  • Current mood: Cue the sparklers

  • I’m just here for the BBQ…

  • Baby, you’re a firework

  • It’s a party in the USA

  • It’s not the 4th of July until i’m holding a hot dog

  • Flip flops, fireworks, and freedom

  • Red, wine, and blue

  • Pretty sure I was a sparkler in another life

  • More sparkles, please

  • U.S of YAY

  • Made in America

Pool Instagram Captions

  • Soak up the sun

  • Floating on cloud nine

  • Sipping on sunshine 

  • Jumping into the weekend like…

  • Living that pool life

  • Poolside sunshine

  • Happiness is a poolside state of mind 

  • Pool hair, don’t care 

  • Floating into the weekend like…

  • Splish splash

  • Pool days are the best days

  • Summer vibes 

  • Living my best life

  • Making memories one pool day at a time

  • Sipping on sunshine 

  • Here comes the sun 

  • Making waves at the pool

  • Sunshine, poolside, and good vibes

  • Swimming my way through summer

  • Diving in

Hiking Instagram Captions

  • Views 

  • I should’ve broken in these shoes more

  • Hiking is always the answer

  • I’d be lost without my friends AKA my GPS

  • I’m not lost…you are

  • Always one step ahead

  • Never stop exploring

  • The great outdoors

  • Offline

  • Gone wild

  • Highly recommend 

  • Try to keep up

  • Am I there yet?

  • Am I out of the woods?

  • No wifi 

  • Peaking

Lake Instagram Captions

  • Lake girl at heart

  • Water is life

  • Lake o’clock

  • On lake time

  • Lake living

  • Peace and quiet

  • Lake life

  • Life is better at the lake

  • Meet me at the lake

  • I’ll never get over this view

Hot Weather Instagram Captions

  • Too hot to handle

  • If you can’t stand the heat, get out of my post!

  • Currently solar charging

  • Making friends with every fan I meet

  • Sun-der pressure

  • Current mood: coconut water & shade

  • I’m not sweating, I’m sparkling!

  • Beating the heat

  • No tea, only shade

  • Sunny side up!

Summer Photo Dump Captions

  • Catch flights, not feelings

  • Summer diaries

  • My endless summer

  • Eat, sleep, beach, repeat

  • Summer lovin’, happened so fast

  • Slice of summer

  • Summer breeze, makes me feel fine

  • Peachy & beachy

  • Heatwaves & good days

Taylor Swift Summer Captions

  • Cruel summer

  • In my summer era

  • August slipped away in a moment in time

  • You belong with me & the summer sea

  • Summer never goes out of style

  • Meet me at midnight

  • Long live all the magic we made

  • On a balcony in summer air

  • My summer era starts now

Boat Instagram Captions

  • Ahoy! 

  • Whatever floats your boat

  • Open sea

  • Let’s sail away

  • Shipfaced

  • Take a bow

  • Life is always better on a boat

  • There’s nothing quite like it

  • Summer boat days >

  • Be an anchor in a world of waves

  • Vitamin sea

  • I love you a yacht 

  • Hooked on that summer feeling 

  • Getting salty 

  • Back that raft up 

  • I like big boats and I cannot lie

Sunshine Instagram Captions

  • Hello, sunshine

  • Be the sunshine

  • Shine your own light 

  • Praying for more fun

  • Living in the sunshine

  • You are my sunshine

  • Eat, Beach, Sleep, Repeat

  • Sundays are for sunshine

  • Radiate positivity 

  • Sun goddess

  • Endless sunshine

  • Sunshine, sand, and a cocktail in my hand

Bikini Instagram Captions

  • Life is short. Buy the bikini.

  • Bikini season

  • Beach vibes and bikini tides

  • Confidence is the best accessory 

  • Life is too short to wear boring swimsuits

  • Sun, sand, bikinis

  • Tropic like it’s hot

  • Back in the swim of things

  • Feeling fresh

  • Live life in a bikini

  • Sun-kissed

  • Summer ready

  • Summer uniform

  • Living my best life, one bikini at a time

  • Salty hair, don’t care

  • Living on island time 

  • In a bikini state of mind

  • If it requires a bikini, my answer is yes

  • Good times and tan lines

  • Every body is a bikini body

Cute Summer Instagram Captions

  • Sun, sand, and a pineapple in hand

  • Lemonade in the shade

  • Summer: Hair gets lighter, hearts get warmer

  • Chillin’ like a watermelon

  • Sun-kissed noses and sandy toeses

  • Shake your palm palms

  • Poolside giggles and sunny wiggles

Funny Summer Instagram Captions

  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that’s kind of the same thing

  • Suns out, puns out

  • Why does the sun never gossip? Because it just throws shade! 

  • Grill sergeant on duty

  • Hot dogs or legs? The world may never know 

  • Avoid pier pressure

  • Lost at sea? I’m not shore

  • Who needs a bae when you have bay-watches?

  • Beach you to it!

Memorial Day Instagram Captions

  • Red, white, and blue BBQ

  • Land of the free, because of the brave

  • American dreamin’ 

  • Forever grateful 

  • United we stand 

  • Today is for reflecting 

  • Standing tall, proud, and patriotic 

  • BBQ ready

  • Power up the grill

  • Vacation mode: On

  • Summer is in the air

  • Summer begins now

  • Sun’s out, hamburger buns out

  • Spending the day with my babies and besties

  • Life and liberty

End of Summer Instagram Captions

  • Embracing the change

  • Goodbye summer, hello fall

  • Farewell, summer

  • Soaking up the last bits

  • Last rays of sunshine

  • Leaving summer behind

  • Soaking up the last drops of summer

  • Summer state of mind

  • Party’s over

  • Wake me up when it’s next summer

  • Another perfect summer in the books

  • Tan lines fade, memories last forever

  • Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

  • Fall, read the room. We’re not ready yet.

  • This summer >

  • Until next time, summer

  • August is like the Sunday of summer

  • August slipped away like a bottle of wine 

  • I don’t want this summer to end

  • It was all a dream

With our collection of 100+ summer Instagram captions, you’ll never be at a loss for words. Use these Instagram captions to elevate your social media strategy this summer.

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