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Improve Your Hashtags for Instagram with Later's Analytics

Measure which hashtags are driving the most engagement on your Instagram posts.


Using hashtags strategically is key to growing your audience on Instagram. Later's Instagram Analytics allow you to track the hashtags you used on each of your Instagram posts. So you can see which posts generated the most engagement and which hashtags were used on those posts. This will help guide your hashtag strategy.

Discover Which Hashtags Drive the Best Results

Start by going to your Analytics page, where you'll find the Hashtag Analytics tab:

You can filter your Hashtag Analytics results by different metrics such as likes, comments, impressions, reach, and saves.

These metrics help you understand which hashtags help you reach the most people. You'll see that the darker the pink indicates higher success for each corresponding metric.

Once you know which hashtags perform best, you can start using them all the time and drive more traffic to your business.

Tip: Start by filtering by which metrics are most important for you. For example, if growing your audience is your top priority, you'll want to filter by reach and impressions. Then you can make note of the hashtags used on the posts that rank highest for those metrics.

This will guide which hashtags you should focus on using more.

You can also filter by date ranges. The default is 7 days, but you can also switch to a 1 month view, 3 month view, or even custom date ranges.

The custom date ranges can be super helpful if you ran a campaign or launched a new product release. You can analyze the effectiveness of the hashtags used during those specific times.

To find out more in depth information click the Details button on the right to view performance charts for each hashtag:

Note: Later will collect your Hashtag Analytics performance data from the time you begin using a Growth or Advanced plan with an Instagram business profile!

Make sure to be strategic about your hashtags, so you can continue to grow your followers on Instagram.

Need help getting started with a hashtag strategy? Check out Later's Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags.

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