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Creator Mental Health Report:
Social Media & Burnout

It’s time for an overdue conversation about social media, mental health, and content creators. Later's team of experts surveyed over 600 creators to learn how they navigate social media burnout, set boundaries, and find balance from being chronically online.

Horizontal bar chart showing 49% of social media burnout is high, 30% is average, and 21% is low among creators


Creators Open Up About Mental Health

In this report, you’ll:

  • Hear from part-time and full-time content creators about creator burnout and their mental health
  • Discover the cause and frequency of social media burnout, and how content creators find balance
  • Learn how creators maintain healthy boundaries with social media, plus tips on how to set your own
  • Get detailed insights and resources on how to protect your mental health as a creator
  • Understand how social media platforms and brands can better support creators

Ready to lift the veil on
creator mental health?

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