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How to Never Run Out of TikTok Content Ideas

It can be difficult to decide what to post next on TikTok. In this video, we're sharing 5 TikTok content ideas you can use whenever you need a spark of creativity.

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I can scroll TikTok for hours, but posting? That's a different story. With everything from trends, vlogs, to tutorials, it's super easy to get overwhelmed about what you should post on TikTok.

I'm Euan from Later and today, I'm gonna help you cut through the noise of your For You Page and get beyond the lip-syncing trends. Let's get started.

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TikTok Idea #1: Utilize TikTok Features

This one is easy to forget about, but it's so simple. The next time you're feeling uncertain about what to post, try using a TikTok feature within the app.  For example, say someone commented on one of your past videos with a question. You can create an entirely new video by using the "Video Reply" feature. 

Letting your followers guide the content you share is a great strategy for strengthening your community and delivering content that you know your audience will be interested in. You can also stitch your video to another video, like this video from the Washington Post. Or you can use an effect within the TikTok app to add a little spice to your video, like this trend, where creators use the wave effect paired to a Grupo La Cumbia song to make fun of their own dance moves.

TikTok Idea #2: Educate Your Audience

People love to learn on TikTok, but educational TikToks don't always have to be long or detailed. In fact, sometimes they're more effective if you keep them short and snappy.

Try using a formula like "Here's how I..." and then provide a quick how-to. For example, at Later, I might create a video that says, "Here's how I schedule a week's worth of content in less than an hour". Then I'd show how to upload and schedule content to The key to this is using a clear formula to grab your audience's attention.

So, by starting off your video with "Here's how I *blank*", your audience knows exactly what to expect within the first few seconds of your videos, which, due to our ever-shrinking attention spans, is very important.

TikTok Idea #3: Add Your Own Spin to a Trend

By now, we all know trending audio is everything on TikTok. And while you don't need to jump on every single trend, you can add your own spin on a trending topic to help your content stand out.

If you notice everyone is talking about a particular subject, find a way to share your take or incorporate the trend to your own brand. For example, if a recipe is trending and you're a food brand, record yourself testing out the recipe and give it a rating. Or you can even add your own spin to create a new version of the recipe.

So instead of simply copying a trend, try using trending topics as a chance to get creative and get noticed. Adding your own spin to your content will make it even more engaging to watch.

TikTok Idea #4: Share Your Routine or Day in the Life

Day in the Life vlogs are huge on TikTok. And lucky for you, there are truly endless ways to create content around your own routine.

These types of videos can be short, long, showcase your whole day or even just a snippet of one part. Plus, you can reuse the same clips in different videos to tell completely different stories. For one routine video, you might apply a voiceover to share everything you did that day. For another video, you might take a small clip from that same video and apply a relevant trending audio over it. 

And if you're thinking, "Hang on, why would anyone care about my boring day?" Well, don't sell yourself short. People love to watch what goes into the daily work of being a small business owner or a creator. It can help your followers or customers better relate to you and your brand, so you can build an engaged community who is excited to follow and support your brand.

TikTok Idea #5: Before and After Transitions

So, now that you've shown the behind-the-scenes process of what you do, it's time to make things look easy with before and after. People love an impressive before and after shot, especially when it's paired with a fun transition like this one. Just remember to capture the before content when you start a project. 

And there you go. Five high-level ideas to help you publish more TikToks. The next time you're struggling with what to post, remember that one piece of content can often be repurposed into multiple pieces of content. And if you need even more TikTok ideas, we'll share some helpful blogs in the description below.

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We'll see you back here next week with more social tips. But in the meantime, if we're not already besties on TikTok, we'll share our screen name here so you can fix that. See you later.

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