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Calling All Creators: How to be a Successful Content Creator with Skyelar Garcia

Social media coach and entrepreneur, Skyelar Garcia, candidly chats about TikTok, strategies, and how to stand out as a creator in 2023.

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What you'll learn

Skyelar Garcia Spills All…

Later’s Social Media Specialist, Chantal Hermetz, sat down with social media coach and entrepreneur Skyelar Garcia, @managedbyskye on TikTok, to chat about all things creators. Skye posts content creator tips and tricks on her TikTok daily, but in this stripped back conversation, Skye shares social media insight like never before. 

If you’re an aspiring content creator or are already dipping your toes into the creator space, this 30-minute interview is for you.

Topics Covered:

  • Strategies and techniques that helped Skye become a successful creator

  • Advice for creators looking to partner with brands

  • What Skye thinks creators should be doing to stand out in 2023

  • Skye's must-have tools as a creator

  • How she grew her brand presence in multiple platforms

  • What a day in Skye’s life looks like as a full-time creator

  • Skye’s experience conquering imposter syndrome as a creator

  • And so much more!

In this interview, you’ll learn tangible ways to succeed as a creator in 2023. You’ll also get exclusive strategies, tips, and learn about the creator landscape. 

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Meet the Speakers

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Headshot of Chantal Hermetz, Later Social Media Specialist

Chantal Hermetz

Social Media Specialist, Later@thisischanny

Chantal is Later’s Social Media Specialist based in Toronto. Passionate about all things social (especially TikTok), Chantal has experience creating content across multiple channels, partnering with creators, and digital storytelling. Outside of work, you can find Chantal in new cafes, biking around the city, and perfecting her Pinterest boards.


Headshot of Skyelar Garcia, Social Media Coach

Skyelar Garcia

Social Media Coach@managedbyskye

Skyelar Garcia is a 24-year old business owner, strategist, and social media coach who specializes in helping others build a sustainable social media strategy on TikTok. Over the last few years, Skye has grown her audience to over 325,0000 followers on TikTok and has built an incredible platform where she shares hundreds of tips on how to make content creation easy, consistent and enjoyable.


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