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Creator Rates Report: How much do creators make in 2023?

In 2023, talking money is no longer taboo. We surveyed over 500 influencers and analyzed over 31K Instagram and TikTok posts to find out exactly how much $$$ they’re making from social media.

Pie chart revealing 26% of creators are full-time monetizers and 74% are part-time monetizers


Goodbye guesswork, hello transparency

In this report, you'll:

  • Discover what types of creators are monetizing their channels — from Nano influencers to full-time stars
  • Get the 411 on how creators set their rates and what factors contribute to their pricing
  • Learn which platforms influencers are cashing in on and making up the bulk of their salary
  • Get detailed creator compensation findings for Instagram — plus takeaways for TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • See how your rates stack up and get a baseline overview of how much you should be offering (or charging)

Ready to get real about rates?

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