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10-Day Email Challenge

How to Create TikTok videos for your brand

Wondering how your business can get started with TikTok? This one’s for you.

Sign up for the 10 Day TikTok Challenge, and learn how your brand can create perfectly optimized videos that will get tons of views. Don’t worry—no TikTok experience necessary.

Here’s how the TikTok challenge works

Don’t worry—no pushups or dancing in this challenge. Unless you want to.

We’ll send lessons and some light homework straight to your inbox, every day for 10 days. The lessons have step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re at the top of your TikTok game.

You’ll learn:

  • How to navigate the TikTok app and create a strong profile
  • What makes some videos go viral (AKA: what the algorithm likes)
  • All the effects, sounds, and transitions to make your videos perfectly optimized for TikTok
  • Tips for showing off your brand on TikTok

Ready? Let’s #TalkTheTok.

Now is the perfect time for your brand to get started with TikTok: there are tons of users, and content is super easy to create. All you need is your phone, and a couple tips and tricks—so let’s get to it!

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