How to Use
TikTok for business

Not sure where to start with TikTok for your business? Say no more.

This free 35 minute-long course will teach you everything you need to know—from how to create viral videos to understanding the powerful TikTok algorithm.

What You’ll Learn:

TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z anymore. Brands are hopping on the trends and seeing some serious results!

Tune in to this TikTok for Business course and learn how to:

  • Create videos that get tons of views
  • Stay on top of the latest trends and challenges
  • Make the most of TikTok’s algorithm (yep, we’re talking about the For You page)
  • Reach new audiences with TikTok ads

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  • Hosted by Taylor Loren

    But you might know her as Taylor from Later. She loves helping people grow their business with Instagram, and was named a LinkedIn’s Top Voice marketing and social media and awarded Best Startup Marketing in 2017 from the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals. And with over 7M views on her TikTok candle content, she’s our in-house TikTok expert and unofficial CEO of Candles.

    Follow her on TikTok @TaylorToks, or Instagram @taylor.loren

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