The best way to grow your business on Instagram? Set actionable, attainable goals—and stick to them. These resources will help you do just that.

Two years ago, Katie Ruddell opened the doors to her plant-based cafe Kokomo. In those two short years, Kokomo has gained over 15,000 loyal Instagram followers and opened two new cafes.

But make no mistake—Kokomo’s success isn’t by chance. It took Katie years of planning and some serious goal-setting to get where she is.

In this workshop Katie shares how to...

  • Create a 10 Year Vision for Your Life and Business
  • Set, 1, 5, and 10 year goals to bring your vision to life
  • Share Your Goals with Confidence
  • Achieve Your Goals with Actionable Steps and a Work-Back Plan
  • Bring Your Goals into Your Everyday Life with Daily Manifestation Prompts

Ready? Let's goal.

Now that you’ve watched the course, you’re ready to set your own Instagram goals for the new year. To help you get started, we’ve created this free goal planning worksheet to help you start brainstorming your Instagram goals for 2020 and start putting them into action.

Download the worksheet

Pick a Goal, Put it into Action

Take a look at the sections below, and pick one goal (or a few!) that you want to achieve over the next year. We’ll give you a list of resources—from ourselves and other industry experts—that’ll help you get there.

Share your #InstagramGoals2020

Who doesn’t love a glow-up? Like you learned, one of the most important steps in goal-setting is writing your goals down and sharing them with confidence.

We’ve got some pre-made templates to get you started. Share your progress using #InstagramGoals2020, and don’t forget to tag @latermedia! 😉

Ready to make your Instagram goals a reality?

Later makes it easy to put your plans into action 🙌

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