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Free Influencer Scorecard

Free influencer scorecard to rate influencers for your next campaign.

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How to Use Later’s Influencer Scorecard

  • Rank influencers based on eight key categories in an easy-to-use, organized template

  • Analyze influencer performance to make an informed partnership offer

  • Keep track of viable influencers for future influencer marketing campaigns

Eager to collaborate with influencers in your industry but not sure if they’re the right fit? Download our influencer scorecard today — for free.

Why You Need an Influencer Scorecard

If you’re an influencer marketing manager or brand on the hunt for new collaborations — this download is for you. 

Created by industry experts, Later’s Influencer Scorecard takes the guesswork out of choosing creators, in just a few clicks.

Set yourself up for success and land the partnership of your dreams!

Created by Pros

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Later's team of social media experts have a wealth of experience in creating content for various channels, partnering with creators, and developing social strategies for brands around the world. From YouTube to Instagram; blog posts to newsletters; courses to reports, Later has got you covered with the latest social media trends, tips, and resources to help your brand grow.


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Take the guesswork out of choosing creators with Later’s easy-to-use influencer scorecard.