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Free Instagram Canva Templates

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Instagram Templates: What’s Included

Step up your content with Later’s free Canva templates for Instagram. No matter your niche, design style, or aesthetic, you can easily customize these 30+ Canva templates to work for your brand!

In this free Canva template bundle, you’ll get:

  • 24 Instagram feed Canva templates, including:

    • Instagram Post Templates

    • Instagram Quote Templates

    • Instagram Tweet Post Templates

    • Instagram Thread Templates

    • Instagram Carousel Templates

    • Instagram Meme Templates 

    • Instagram Product Templates

    • Instagram Customer Testimonial Templates

  • 10 Instagram Reels Cover Templates

  • Instructions on how to use your Instagram Canva templates

  • Best practices for customizing your Canva templates

Want a sneak peak? Access our exclusive Canva freebie pack and start creating and scheduling your content today!

How to Use Later’s Instagram Templates

Instead of scrolling and searching through Canva for the perfect social media templates – do yourself a favor and download Later’s free Instagram templates.

These Canva templates are free, easy to use, and a major time-saver. Open them in Canva, make a copy of the file, and customize them with your own fonts, colors, text, and elements. No Canva Pro needed.

Later’s Canva templates for Instagram are the perfect way to:

  • Save time (and money!)

  • Batch create on-brand content for your Later media library

  • Attract new clients and followers

  • Boost your engagement and drive traffic to your website 

With Later, you can now easily export your Canva designs straight to your Later media library. Try out the Later x Canva Integration now!

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Later's team of social media experts have a wealth of experience in creating content for various channels, partnering with creators, and developing social strategies for brands around the world. From YouTube to Instagram; blog posts to newsletters; courses to reports, Later has got you covered with the latest social media trends, tips, and resources to help your brand grow.


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