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We Just Hit 50K Followers on TikTok! Here's How

Later has officially hit 50K followers on TikTok. And we're sharing how we did it in this video. From the good, to the bad, to the “cheugy” — we're sharing everything we learned on the journey to 50K followers on TikTok.

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Let's talk about how to grow your following on TikTok, and I promise this is not another video just telling you to hop on trending audio. Yes, you should definitely be doing that. But doing that alone is not a strategy for long-term success on TikTok. 

After trial and error, patience, viral videos, massive fails, and everything in between, Later reached 50,000 followers on TikTok. We're sharing exactly how we did it so that hopefully, you can apply our learnings to your strategy. So let's get into it.

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Tip #1: Immerse Yourself In The World of TikTok

Our first learning is to immerse yourself and get familiar with the app. Try telling someone who doesn't work in social media that you actually get paid to scroll TikTok. I know, it may sound insane, but scrolling is a necessary action that we pencil in time for every week.

You can't begin to grow your TikTok if you're not aware of TikTok's unique culture. The humor is a bit wackier and the aesthetic is way less polished than Instagram. When we first joined TikTok, we quickly realized that the highly curated world of Instagram just wouldn't translate.

So, let go of what works for you on Instagram and instead, give yourself time to get immersed in TikTok culture first.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Our second learning is that TikTok is all about experimentation. It may feel a little cringy in the beginning, but testing out different content lengths, styles and formats is the only way to discover what works for your TikTok audience. Even Duolingo, a brand with over 3 million followers, posted almost 40 videos before they had a viral hit.

For us, after some experimentation, we found that jumping on quick, fun audio trends often works better than a long, detailed video when it comes to announcing our new product features. We think of this content as a short teaser trailer that piques their interest and drives them to tap the link in our bio. 

But on the flip side, if we're sharing a tutorial or a hack, longer tutorials, like 60 seconds or more, frequently perform best. This is likely because our audience can learn an entirely new hack in around a minute without having to leave the app. Plus, in those tutorials, we add strong CTAs to follow up for a part two or for more tips. This encourages new viewers to hit that follow button because they know we'll continue to provide them with free, valuable content.

Tip #3: Post Consistently

Learning number three is consistency. I'm sorry, I know it's one of the most overused phrases in social media marketing, but consistency is key. When we started posting daily, that's when everything changed.

We became clearer on who we were creating content for and which trends would work best for us, resulting in way faster growth and engagement. Plus, the TikTok algorithm started to learn more about our content and began pushing it out to the right audiences. 

And a happy side effect of posting more frequently is that you'll begin to feel way more confident and you might actually start to have some fun posting.

Tip #4: Find and Grow Your Community

Our fourth learning is the importance of growing a community, or as we refer to them, our besties. Cultivating a community around your brand is huge for engagement, and it helps set the tone for new visitors.

If you're still finding and building your TikTok community, search specific keywords within your niche to find accounts to follow and engage with. Your TikTok comment section will be poppin' in no time. (Poppin in no time.) Let's be TikTok besties! Give us a follow in the description below.

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