How to Get More Views on TikTok
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How to Get More Views on TikTok

By Erica Salvalaggio
Updated on April 4, 2022
7 minute read

The views are already rolling in🔥

Published April 4, 2022

TikTok can be a powerful tool for increasing brand reach and awareness.

But first, you need to get more eyes on your videos. So how do you do that?

We’re breaking down how to get more views on TikTok — from optimizing your content for the For You Page to using trending sounds:

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What Counts as a TikTok View?

Before we dive into how to get more views on TikTok, it’s important to understand what is classified as a view.

Each platform counts views in different ways but TikTok keeps it simple. From the second your video plays, it’s considered a view. 

But, watching your own video on replay 100x over does not classify as 100 views. TikTok doesn’t count views from your own account.

How to Get More Views on TikTok Videos

If you want to get more TikTok views this year, here are eight proven strategies to try on your account:

Tip #1: Optimize Content for the For You Page

If you want to go viral on TikTok, your goal should be to get featured on the For You page (FYP).

The FYP is the app’s homepage, filled with an endless feed of algorithmically curated content tailored to a user’s interests.

Optimize Content for the For You Page

The beauty of the For You page is that anyone’s content can be featured — meaning you don’t need to be an established creator or have thousands of followers.

Nevertheless, it helps if you optimize your content to make it easier for the algorithm to recognize and promote.

You can do this by:

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Tip #2: Engage With Users in Your Niche

TikTok first gained recognition for its viral lip-syncing and dance videos, but it’s since become a home for all kinds of content.

Now, whatever your niche, there’s a place for you — and your audience — on the platform.

If you know who your target audience is, think about the type of content they’d engage with, and the creators they’d follow.

Once you have a list, start to build relationships with those users by liking and commenting on their videos and sending DMs.

By regularly engaging with other user’s in your niche, you’ll gradually build a support network for your brand.

This can lead to more likes, comments, and shares for your own TikTok videos — which is the best way to boost your profile with the algorithm and secure more view for your content.

One of the best ways to get views on TikTok is to hop on new trends.

Usually, this means creating videos that include viral visual effects and TikTok Sounds.

In fact, there’s a theory among some TikTokers that adding a trending sound to your video — even at a low volume — will trick the algorithm into showing your content to more people.

Whether it’s true remains to be seen, but here’s what we know for sure: TikTok’s algorithm shows users content similar to what they’ve previously watched.

Tons of people watch trend-based videos, so if you join in on a trend, you improve your likelihood of being discovered by those users.

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Tip #4: Add Keywords to Your Captions

On TikTok, users can narrow their keyword search by users, videos, sounds, LIVE, and hashtags.

That means writing relevant captions using choice keywords can seriously impact your content’s discoverability.

Take the keywords “social media scheduling tool" for example. When searched on the Discover page, a relevant video from a TikTok user talking about Later shows up first.

tiktok search function

Think on the keywords your audience will likely type into the TikTok search bar and sprinkle those into your TikTok captions.

Tip #5: Make Shorter Videos

Since watching a video in full is a strong interest indicator, TikTok typically favors videos that are shorter and have a seamless loop.

Because of this, it’s vital to hook your audience within the first three seconds

Even though TikTok videos can be up to 10 minutes long, it's still a good idea to keep your content to a minimum.

With shorter videos, viewers will most likely watch till the end or even on repeat.

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Tip #6: Run a TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign

Running a TikTok influencer marketing campaign and collaborating with TikTok creators is a solid way to get more views on your videos.

One successful example of this is the skincare brand Peace Out.

Erin Murray, the company’s VP of Brand and Consumer Marketing, told Marketing Brew that for one of their previous campaigns, her team spent over a third of its budget on TikTok influencers.

When the company collaborated with @dermdoctor, a dermatologist with a massive following, the original video received over 1M views:

And the repost on Peace Out’s account has 9K views and counting, making it one of the brand’s most popular videos.

But that’s just one example. Brands large and small are prioritizing partnerships with TikTok creators.

Tip #7: Post Valuable Content

It may sound obvious, but one of the most effective ways to get views on TikTok is to create interesting and valuable content.

If you’ve spent a lot of time on the app, you may have noticed that “how-to” videos — and other educational content — perform well.

Why? Because they give viewers new, useful information that’s relevant to their lives.

Take Doctor Emi Mawson (aka @dentist_emi) for instance. The UK-based dentist is an expert at creating content that combines her professional expertise with tangible takeaways for her TikTok audience.

By pairing trending effects and sounds with interesting but niche content, Dr. Mawson manages to attract thousands of viewers to her oral care TikTok videos.

TIP: Wondering where to start? Think about the most frequently asked questions you receive. Answer them in your videos!

Tip #8: Cross-promote on Other Platforms or Go Live

If you’re an avid social media user, you may have noticed that many people now share their favorite TikTok videos to other platforms, too.

For brands, this cross-promotion can be an effective way to boost their TikTok content using the communities they’ve built on other social networks, like Instagram.

Sharing your TikTok videos to Instagram Stories (with a clear call-to-action that encourages viewers to check out your TikTok channel) is a great tactic to get more eyes on your content.

Also if you're feeling adventurous why not try going live on TikTok.

Why Am I Not Getting TikTok Views?

If you're not getting any views on your TikToks, it could be for a number of reasons.

TikTok is all about trial and error. Finding your groove on TikTok can take time. Be patient and don't give up.

With these tips and a consistent posting cadence, you'll start to see the views roll in.

If after all of that you're still not getting any TikTok views, it could be due to a TikTok shadowban.

In short, a TikTok shadowban is when your account has unknowingly become blocked or partially blocked on the app.

If you think you may be shadowbanned, you can follow these steps to remove it.

While finding your footing on the app can require some trial and error, these tips will help you reach new followers and potential customers.

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