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How to Add a Link to Your TikTok Bio (and Drive More Clicks)

By Amanda Demeku

Updated on June 8, 2022

6 minute read

Want to drive clicks from your TikTok link in bio? Bookmark this page.

Published June 22, 2021

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

Your TikTok link in bio can be a major traffic-driving tool. However, only having a single link can be limiting.

Enter: Later’s Linkin.bio for TikTok tool.

three tiktok profile screens displaying how Later's linkin.bio tool works

Linkin.bio for TikTok turns your TikTok feed into a clickable, mobile-optimized landing page, allowing you to attach a specific link to each of your scheduled videos.

This means you can drive traffic to your website, increase email newsletter sign-ups, or push to a product launch — the possibilities are endless!

In other words, Linkin.bio for TikTok is the perfect way to optimize your bio for conversions and linking opportunities.

How to Add a Link to Your TikTok Bio

Much like Instagram, TikTok lets you add a clickable link directly to your profile.

three tiktok profile screenshots from brands and creators that include a link in bio

This helps followers discover more about you, your products, and your brand. Here’s how to add a link to your TikTok bio: 

Step #1: Open TikTok

Get started by heading to the TikTok app.

Step #2: Head to Your Profile

Next, tap on your profile page:

tiktok screen with arrow pointing to the profile page

Step #3: Add Website

Finally, tap "Edit profile" then "Add Your Website," and insert your URL.

tiktok profile screen with arrow pointing to edit profile button and another arrow pointing at the next step to add a website

Voila, you’ve successfully added a link to your TikTok bio!

NOTE: Only Personal Accounts that meet certain requirements and Business Accounts with over 1K followers have access to the website field.

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How to Create a Link in Bio Landing Page With Later (a Step-by-step guide)

Since TikTok only gives you one clickable URL in your bio, it’s important to optimize it as much (and often!) as you can.

This will save you tons of time and effort instead of manually updating links. It's a win-win.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to add Later’s Linkin.bio to your TikTok profile:

Step #1: Connect Your TikTok Account to Later

Sign up (or login) to Later for desktop and tap “Add Social Profile.” Select TikTok and connect your account.


NOTE: Before you can use Linkin.bio for TikTok, you’ll first have to set up Linkin.bio for Instagram.

Step #2: Build Your TikTok Linkin.bio Page  

With Linkin.bio by Later, you can build your TikTok landing page exactly how you want it with: unlimited clickable buttons, social links, the option to add a linked version of your TikTok feed, the opportunity to feature a YouTube video or recent post, or the ability to integrate Mailchimp and grow your email audience.

An example of a TikTok link in bio landing page by Later
  • To add linked buttons: Select Edit under the Button block tab. Add in your button text and paste the link. You can add as many buttons as you’d like. As you add buttons, they’ll pull through in the landing page preview on the left hand side of the screen.

  • To add a linked version of your TikTok feed: Press Add under Linked Social Posts. Then, select Manage under your TikTok profile. Click on any black and white TikTok post on the left hand side of the screen and paste the link you want the post to drive to.

  • To add featured media: Select Edit under Featured Media. You can either feature a YouTube video or your latest linked Instagram feed post.

  • To add social links: Select Add under social links. Here you can connect your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook.

  • To add a Mailchimp integration: Under Blocks, click Add in the Mailchimp section, and enter a Block Title. Then, choose Connect in the Signup Form to log in to your Mailchimp account. Once connected, use the Mailchimp Audience dropdown to select the audience you'd like to collect emails for.

  • To add a bio: Tap Edit under Profile and enter a short landing page bio.

Step #2: Customize Your Linkin.bio Page

With Linkin.bio by Later, you can customize your page exactly how you want it. 

You can choose one of Later’s built-in themes: Light, Dark, Almond, Pistachio, Sandcastle, or Aquarium.

later customer using link in bio theme

You can also go a step further and customize your landing page colors, buttons, and fonts to align with your brand aesthetic. You can even input specific hex color codes to match your brand aesthetic to a tee.

using a custom theme on link in bio

When it comes to your landing page buttons, you can personalize everything from the button color to the shape, style, and shadow of the buttons. 

Step #3: Add Linkin.bio to Your TikTok Profile

To add your Linkin.bio to your TikTok profile, copy your unique link to your clipboard and open up TikTok on mobile.

Tap “Edit profile” and paste the link in the website field.

NOTE: Only Personal Accounts that meet certain requirements and Business Accounts with over 1K followers have access to the website field. Find out how to grow your TikTok following now.

And there you have it — you now have a mini clickable website right on your TikTok profile.

Make the most of your bio and start using Linkin.bio by Later today. Sign up to Later and turn your feed into a clickable landing page!

So… Why Choose Linkin.bio by Later as Your TikTok Link in Bio Tool?

When picking the right link in bio tool for TikTok, it’s important to think about what features meet your needs. 

With a Later Starter plan you can:

  • Add unlimited button links

  • Create a linked version of your TikTok feed

  • Customize your page with custom colors and fonts

  • See up to three months of click data

  • Feature your latest post or a YouTube video

  • Use a Mailchimp integration

  • Add social links

If you upgrade to a Growth or Advanced plan, you’ll get even more features including:

  • Up to 12 months of click data

  • See Linkin.bio page views by location

  • No Later branding

  • And more!

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to drive more traffic from TikTok, Linkin.bio by Later is one of the most powerful tools to help you achieve your goals. Happy linking!

Ready to get more clicks from your TikTok profile? Join Later today to turn your TikTok feed into a mini website!

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