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Instagram Reels Ideas (Without Showing Your Face): Part 2!

Looking for Instagram Reels ideas that don't require showing your face? Welcome to part 2 of this series where we're sharing our top Instagram Reels ideas you can use - without showing your face.

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Welcome back to part two of our series, where we're sharing Instagram Reels ideas without showing your face. If you missed the first video, make sure to go back and watch that; we'll make sure it's linked in the description below. Okay, let's get back into it.

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Idea #9: Film your hands writing a message down on paper

For this idea, you just need your hands and a tripod. A lot of times we overthink filming content, but sometimes the simplest videos perform the best. Writing down an impactful message, quick advice, or even something silly to brighten someone's day is a quick idea you can film and post within five minutes. Plus, there's just something soothing about seeing a pen put to paper.

Idea #10: Unboxing

Unboxing has been around since early YouTube days, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. And it's a great way to film content without needing to show your face. You can unbox your own product or you can show something fun you purchased to help you do your job. The ideas are endless. Just make sure to get some good close-ups of the final item unwrapped.

You can even use the idea of unboxing as a teaser, like photographer Gray Malin did of his product collab with the Pickleball brand, Recess, seen here.

Idea #11: Show the process

It's not just about the destination. Audiences love to see the process of how things happen. So for this Reels idea, share the process of making something. It doesn't have to be about a perfectly finished product, but showcase tips you've learned along the way.

For example, if you're a potter, you start by showing a basic technique for starting a cup. And you could break down each tip or technique into separate videos, so you have lots of content to share throughout the week or even turn it into a series. Whatever your niche, consider what people might find interesting about your creative process and share your secrets. No gatekeeping.

Idea #12: Show off your collection

Do you have an Instagram-worthy collection of something? Show it off with some close-ups, share some ASMR organizing of your items or line them up in a creative way that tells a story.

Idea #13: Zoom in

This idea is another example of just how simple a Reel can be to create. Give an extra close-up of a product by zooming in with a high-definition focus. Pair this with music and good lighting and you got yourself a Reel that people will be saving and sharing in no time.

Idea #14: Use a CapCut template

CapCut templates are everywhere, and what's really nice is that they're literally already done for you on the CapCut app. All you have to do is add text, like we did here.

Idea #15: Educate with text

There are tons of ways you can educate your audience, but a simple way is to use text over a video. And this doesn't have to be boring. You can be creative about your approach here by defining a word within your niche and displaying it like this. Or you can share a listicle of ideas and time your text to drop to the beat. And again, stock video footage behind text is your friend when you're not in the mood to be in front of the camera but still want to stay consistent with your video content.

All right, that's it for now. Let us know in the comments some of your favorite Reels ideas that don't require you to show your face. We'll be back next week with another video, but don't forget to like this video and subscribe for more social media ideas and tips. See you later.

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