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The Top Instagram Reels Trends to Try This Week

By Jasmine Roberts

Updated on March 23, 2023

30 minute read

Looking for some Reels inspo? You've come to the right place.

Published March 23, 2023

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What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — March 2023 Roundup

Discover the hottest trends on Instagram Reels this month.

Trend: Mood — March 24, 2023

Trend Recap: Whether you're vibing at a concert or showing off your style, this track by 24kGoldn is the perfect way to capture what you've been up to this month.

Audio: Original audio - ryybeeo997

Current # of Posts: 75.6K

Trend: Closer — March 24, 2023

Trend Recap: Use this awe-inspiring audio to showcase a stunning vacation spot or city skyline — just remember to enjoy the view. 

Audio: Closer - Nuages

Current # of Posts: 24.7K

Trend: Piano — March 16, 2023

Trend Recap: We're going old school with this trend: syncing photos or clips to the beat of the audio.

It's the perfect way to highlight your favorite cafe, a DIY project, or a brand-new reno.

Audio: Original audio - quycotrendy

Current # of Posts: 89.8K

Trend: Got To Be Real — March 16, 2023

Trend Recap: Looking to showcase a special moment in your life?

Whether it’s a night out or a milestone event, use this classic track to set the vibe.

Audio: Got to Be Real (Single Version) - Cheryl Lynn

Current # of Posts: 83.6K

Trend: Watch This — March 9, 2023

Trend Recap: This remixed version of Lil Uzi Vert's, "Watch This" is the perfect way to showcase a day in your life.

Whether it’s a GRWM or a WFH recap — it’s your story to tell.  

Audio: Original audio -

Current # of Posts: 10.4K

Trend: Calm Down — March 3, 2023

Trend Recap: This trending audio is perfect for GRWMs.

Try syncing short clips or photos to the beat of the track to show off your fit, and bring your Reel to life!

Audio: Calm Down (Austin Millz Remix) - austinmillz

Current # of Posts: 23.7K

Trend: It’s Giving — March 3, 2023

Trend Recap: This trend is giving us a reason to treat ourselves. 

Use this up-and-coming audio to highlight what's really giving luxury to your life right now. 

Audio: Original audio - cleanfoodiecravings

Current # of Posts: 3.3K

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