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Instagram Reels Templates: An Easier Way to Create Reels

By Monique Thomas

Updated on July 22, 2022

3 minute read

Creating Reels just got a whole lot easier 🙌

Published May 12, 2022

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Instagram recently introduced a game-changing new feature: Instagram Reels Templates.

With Reels Templates, you can quickly copy clip timings of an existing Reel — saving you tons of time and effort.

We're breaking down two ways to access the feature, and what we think it means for creating content on the app.

What Are Instagram Reels Templates?

Instagram Reels Templates do exactly what they say on the tin: they provide time-stamped templates to guide your content creation.

Previously, you'd have to guess clip lengths required to sync with a specific audio track, and manually adjust your clips.

Now, you can drop your own photos and/or videos into a template, and you're good to go.

This makes the Reels content creation process quicker, easier, and keeps you within the app — rather than editing your Reels elsewhere.

In other words: Instagram would prefer users create original Reels content instead of repurposing videos from other apps like TikTok or InShot.

If you don't have access to the feature yet, keep an eye out and hang tight!

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How to Use Instagram Reels Templates

The good news? Instagram Reels Templates are super easy to use.

Here are two ways to access the feature:

  1. Use Templates Within the Video Editor

  2. Repurpose an Existing Reel

#1: Use Templates Within the Video Editor

Head to the Reels tab, tap the camera icon, and slide to the "Templates" tab in the video editor.

Here you'll see multiple Reels ideas that you can use to create your own.

Reels tab and the new Instagram Reels Template button in the video editor

When you find a template you like, tap "Use Template." You'll be prompted to add photos or videos from your camera roll:

Using the Instagram Reels Templates feature and adding new media

This "Templates" tab will likely inspire more creators to start creating Reels directly within the app — which is a major win for Instagram.

NOTE: The "Templates" tab in the Reels editor is still rolling out to users.

#2: Repurpose an Existing Reel

For Reels that have templates available, a "Use template" sticker icon will appear above the name of the creator:

An arrow pointing to the Use Template button on an Instagram Reel

Alternatively, tap the three-dot menu icon and select "Use as template":

An arrow pointing to the Use as Template option on an Instagram Reel

Once selected, you'll see the time stamps for each clip in a Reel. Tap "Add media" to replace the clips with your own from your camera roll.

An arrow pointing to the Add Media button which allows you to add your own photos and videos to a Reel Template

And that's it!

NOTE: Reels Templates are only available for Reels with multiple clips that have been edited together within Instagram. If a video has been fully edited outside of the app, Instagram cannot identify the different time stamps for each clip.

Have you tried the Instagram Reels Templates feature yet? Let us know over on Later's Instagram account.

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Editor's Note: A special thanks to @nichellerobbie for originally sharing this feature (and her images) with the Later team as soon as it was released. 🌟

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