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Get Instagram Analytics that actually make sense

Measure what matters with Later’s Instagram Analytics tools! Get detailed audience & engagement data to see which posts are working (and which ones aren’t) — so you can create more content your followers love & engage with.

Evaluate audience demographics, engagement rate, follower growth, revenue and more with Later Instagram Analytics
Evaluate audience demographics, engagement rate, follower growth, revenue and more with Later Instagram Analytics

Why you need Analytics for Instagram

All data, no drama

Later Instagram Analytics are used to evaluate performance on carousel posts, Reels, and Instagram stories
  1. 1.

    Always post at the perfect time

    Use the Best Time to Post tool to schedule content for maximum views & likes.

  2. 2.

    Optimize posts for performance

    Analyze & compare posts to discover what works best for your followers.

  3. 3.

    Get more Instagram Story views

    See how your Stories are performing & rank them by impressions, reach & more.

  4. 4.

    Drive traffic & sales with Link in Bio

    Get detailed analytics for your Link in Bio page to track clicks & sales.

  5. 5.

    Get detailed Reels Analytics

    Use Later's Analytics tool to measure, track, and optimize your Reels performance.

Later's Instagram Analytics Tools

Get the insights you need, no number crunching required.

Use Laters Instagram Analytics Tool to see the engagement rate of each Instagram post

Improve Instagram Engagement

Increase Your Engagement Rate

Compare your Instagram posts to discover your most engaging content:

  • Automatically calculate your engagement rate
  • Rank posts by engagement rate to see what content is working (or what isn’t)
  • See your best performing posts at a glance
Find your best times to post on Instagram with Instagram Analytics by Later

Find your Best time to post on Instagram

Optimize Your Posting Times

Get more likes, comments, and views on your content by optimizing your posting times!

  • Later’s Best Time to Post feature automatically calculates your top 7 posting times that get the most engagement
  • See when your audience is most active on Instagram
  • Use location data to pinpoint your top time zones
Instagram Stories Analytics evaluates story reach, impressions, completion rate, and average number of views per user

Instagram Story Analytics

Get more views with Instagram Story Analytics

Track Instagram Story views and engagement data for up to 3 months!

  • See how your Instagram Stories are performing and rank them by impressions, reach, completion rate, reply count, and more
  • Get detailed analytics for each story so you can improve your posting times and test different content types

Note: the Instagram API does not include data for swipe ups, profile clicks, or sticker taps

Later Instagram Analytics measures audience demographics, follower growth, and Instagram hashtag analytics

Instagram Follower Analytics

Attract the Right Followers

In order to get more followers, you need to know who your account is attracting!

  • Use demographics data like age and gender to guide your content strategy
  • Find out where your followers are located with your top cities, countries, and languages spoken
  • Track your follower growth, growth rate, and profile views over time
  • Use Instagram Hashtag Analytics help you discover which hashtags perform the best.

Note: the Instagram API limits demographic metrics for accounts with fewer than 100 followers. Instagram Hashtags Analytics is available only on Business Paid Plans

Instagram Analytics informs your marketing strategy with detailed post performance

Instagram Audience Analytics

Improve your Instagram 
Marketing Strategy

Grow your business by understanding what content is performing best:

  • See how your Instagram account is performing overall
  • Deep dive into the detailed performance of each Instagram post and story
  • View and rank your posts by impressions, engagement, likes, comments, and saves
Track link in bio clicks and revenue with Laters Instagram Analytics tool

Link in Bio Analytics

Drive Traffic from Instagram

Convert more followers into readers and customers by tracking traffic from Instagram:

  • View website clicks from your Instagram profile over time
  • Track clicks, page views, and click-through rates with Link in Bio analytics
  • Find out which individual Instagram posts are driving the most traffic and sales for your business with Link in Bio

Customer Testimonial

How Later’s Instagram Analytics Can Help You

Headshot of Jessica Hong, Social Media Manager at APOTHEKE

Later’s Instagram Reels analytics tools have helped us tremendously with being more data-driven in our content strategy. The Reels auto publish is also a must- now we can spend less time manually posting, and more time creating great content!

Jessica Hong

Social Media Manager, APOTHEKE

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  • Due to API limitations from Instagram, analytics are available for Instagram business and creator profiles only. And heads up: if you have a business or creator profile with fewer than 100 followers, you won’t be able to see demographic analytics in Later.

  • At this time, Later Analytics is not available on the Later Mobile App and are only available in Later for Desktop.

Crush your social goals. Again & again.

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