Schedule Instagram Stories ahead of time—right from your laptop

Plan your Stories ahead of time, and skip the last minute small screen publishing.

With Later, you can visually plan and schedule Instagram Stories from your computer, and publish at the right time in just a couple taps.

Available on paid plans

Photo posts are just the beginning.

Scheduling stories with Later helps you stay consistent across all parts of Instagram, and reach your followers in even more ways.


Upload your videos to Later.

Crop your videos to the perfect size for Instagram Stories, even add some fancy text overlays. Then drag and drop to your scheduled time slots.

Add links or captions and schedule away.

Tap the notification when it’s time to post—your video and caption are all sent to your phone and ready for publishing.

See what’s working. Later measures overall impressions and reach of your stories, plus the different actions your audience is taking, like taps and exits.

“We love planning out our Instagram Stories content in advance, so that we can create a more cohesive look and post more often. It gives us time to focus more on strategy, and less on logistics.”

Sophie Hay

Mr. Porter

“Later’s Instagram Story scheduler has helped us to easily schedule and post IG stories that support our IG feed posts. It’s way easier to manage the timing and order of the stories using Later, rather than uploading images to a crowded phone album where it can be easy to make mistakes and waste time on manual logistics.”

Jennifer Chin


Give your Instagram Stories some scheduling love

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