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How to Schedule Instagram Stories (+ Video Tutorial)

By Amanda Demeku

Updated on January 12, 2022

4 minute read

Learn how to plan a week’s worth of Instagram Stories in less than an hour!

Published January 12, 2022

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

You’re not dreaming: you can visually plan and schedule Instagram Stories with Later.

And bonus, it’s super easy too. 

You can storyboard your content, add captions and links, and visually plan and schedule Instagram Stories right from your desktop – and when it’s time to post, everything gets delivered straight to your mobile device.

And you know what that equals? Some serious bliss.

Find out how Later makes it easier than ever to post Instagram Stories now:

How to Schedule Instagram Stories with Later:

Whether you’re looking for a more consistent way to engage with followers, or are hoping to drive traffic to a product page, scheduling Instagram Stories in advance is the answer. 

Get started in four easy steps:

Step #1: Use Later’s Storyboard Tool

Upload your content to your media library and simply drag and drop stories onto the storyboard tool, then re-arrange them to fit the order and look that you prefer.

A gif of a Later user scheduling Instagram stories with the Storyboard tool

P.S. You can also easily crop and resize images to fit Instagram Stories 9:16 ratio with Later’s crop tool.

A gif showing how to crop images for Instagram stories using the Later crop tool

From there, you can add links and captions to your scheduled stories, which will be copied to your mobile device when it’s time to post. 

Don’t forget to take the time to write compelling captions and CTAs to ensure your Instagram Stories drive traffic and sales.

A gif showing how to add a caption to a scheduled Instagram story in Later

TIP: Create trackable links for your Instagram Stories to monitor traffic and sales from Instagram. 

Later makes it easy to keep track of those long URLs, so you never have to scramble to find the right link again.

Step #3: Schedule Instagram Stories

Select the time and date from the drop-down menu beside the Save Story button.

A gif showing how to schedule Instagram stories for a specific date and time in Later

Select “Save Story” and that’s it!

Step #4: Get Notified When It’s Time to Post

Instagram’s API doesn’t allow auto-publishing for stories content, so when it’s time to post, you’ll receive a push notification to your mobile device. 

Your stories will be downloaded to your phone and the caption and links will be copied to your clipboard.

Gif of a Later notification on an iPhone appearing when it is time to post scheduled Instagram stories

And just like that you’ve scheduled your first Instagram Stories – life really can be that simple! 

So, what are you waiting for? Start scheduling your Instagram Stories in advance with Later today — available on all paid plans.

Why You Should Schedule Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are viewed by over 500M users every day, making them a seriously important part of your content strategy. 

However, there's a huge difference between a good Instagram Story and a great one – and scheduling them in advance can make all the difference.

#1. Batch Content and Win Back Time

It’s no secret, Instagram Stories help brands and businesses drive traffic and sales, increase brand awareness, and strengthen their relationship with followers.

And by using an Instagram Stories scheduler like Later, you can sit down at your computer, batch content, and plan out an entire week’s worth of Instagram Stories in one dedicated session. 

So say bye-bye to searching the high-heavens for content on the fly and hello to more hours in the day! 

#2. Be More Consistent

If we’re being honest, trying to post to Instagram Stories every day can be challenging – whether you’re struggling with what to post, finding the time to create content on your phone, or just forgetting to post altogether.

The struggle can be #real.

Not only does scheduling Instagram Stories save you time, but it also helps build a stronger Instagram Stories posting cadence.

With Later you can stick to a consistent Instagram Stories strategy to create a more thoughtful curation of stories that your audience will begin to expect and engage with!

#3. Strategize, Strategize, Strategize

With over half a billion people watching Instagram Stories on the daily, you can bet your bottom dollar that focusing your marketing efforts on an effective Instagram Stories strategy will seriously pay off.

By visually storyboarding your stories, you gain an end-to-end view of how your stories will flow together – so you can tell the strongest story and capitalize on opportunities for engagement!

Plus, you can easily see how your Instagram Stories are performing with Later's easy-to-use analytics dashboard.

You can track up to three months of views and engagement data, making it a breeze to see how your Instagram Stories are performing – so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

A chart of detailed story performance in the Later Instagram Analytics tool

By bulk uploading and storyboarding your content in advance, you’ll be sure to stay consistent with your audience while saving time, driving sales, and increasing your reach. 

Scheduling Instagram Stories is simply a no-brainer – sign up today and keep your followers tap-tap-tapping for more!

Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later.


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