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15 Instagram Reels Ideas to Post Today
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15 Easy Instagram Reels Ideas to Post Today (+ Free Planner)

Updated on December 1, 2022
7 minute read

In need of some Reels inspo? We've got you covered.

Published December 1, 2022

Brainstorming ideas for your Instagram Reels content can be tough, especially if you’ve hit a creative block.

To spark some inspiration, we’re sharing some evergreen Instagram Reels ideas to use, whether you're a brand or creator.

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15 Evergreen Instagram Reels Ideas

ICYMI: Instagram Reels are a major growth hack right now.

And according to Instagram, the algorithm favors Reels that are entertaining, inspiring, or experimental.

But churning out Reel after Reel takes time and creative brainpower, so here are 15 evergreen Instagram Reels ideas you can use today (and replicate again, and again):

  1. Introduce Yourself

  2. Show the “Real Side” of Your Brand

  3. Take Followers Behind-the-scenes

  4. Show a Before and After

  5. Offer Tips and Tricks

  6. Give a Sneak Peek

  7. Hop on a Trend

  8. Repurpose Social Content

  9. Share How-to Videos

  10. Highlight Products

  11. Spotlight Your Community

  12. Create a Listicle

  13. Share a Day in the Life

  14. Answer FAQs

  15. Tease Upcoming Videos

#1: Introduce Yourself and Tell Your Story

Whenever you’re in a creative rut (or have a surge in new followers), create a Reel introducing yourself or your brand.

Creator Cristal of @thefredrickhouse created a simple — yet effective — Reel sharing her story and the type of content she creates:

You can edit old video clips together along with a voice-over and text overlay, or you can simply speak directly to the camera — dealers choice!

TIP: Use Instagram's pinned posts feature to pin your introductory Reel to the top of your grid. That way, new followers can learn about you right away.

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#2: Show the “Real Side” of Your Brand/ Product

With perfectly curated feeds on their way out, this Instagram Reel idea lets you share a less filtered side of your brand.

And it makes for the perfect “Instagram vs. Reality” video:

If you don’t typically share this type of content, give it a whirl!

After all, authenticity on Instagram is the name of the game.

#3: Take Your Followers Behind-the-scenes

Pull back the curtain and show your followers some behind-the-scenes action.

Whether it's a timelapse of you scheduling content or sharing what really goes on during a product launch, these Reels are easy and effective.

Plus, they add a level of relatability — running a business or being a content creator isn't all glitz and glam.

So, the next time you’re at a photoshoot, packing an order, or answering emails, take out your phone and start filming — easy peasy.

#4: Show a Before and After

Sharing before and after videos are a great way to increase your engagement.

Not only are they intriguing, but they can also be satisfying to watch — the recipe for a perfect Reel.

You can do before and after Reels for home renovations, recipes, makeup tutorials, illustrations, and more.

The sky's the limit here!

#5: Offer Tips and Tricks

If you’re all out of ideas, tips and tricks are a great place to start.

No matter your industry, you hold valuable information that can help your audience.

Whether it’s sharing styling tips, or TikTok SEO hacks, the creative options are endless.

They don’t have to be elaborate either. Try sharing one quick tip and ask your audience to comment on what tips they’d like to see next.

#6: Give a Sneak Peek

If you find yourself in a pinch for Instagram Reels ideas, create a sneak peek video.

Many brands and creators use this type of content to create hype around a new product or an exciting launch:

You can also use it to promote or tease an upcoming event, workshop, or series.

#7: Hop on a Trend

While following trends shouldn't be your only strategy, they do have a purpose.

Trend-driven content is an easy way to give your Reels a serious boost in engagement (and discoverability).

It can be as simple as using a trending song in your video, or hopping on a trend that's making its rounds on the platform:

While every trend might not be a fit, hopping on relevant trends (occasionally) can help you engage with current followers, hook new followers, and grow on Instagram. Win-win.

Need help staying on top of trends? Bookmark this: The Top Instagram Reels Trends to Try This Week

#8: Repurpose Social Content

Take a look at your arsenal of content: previous Instagram posts, TikTok videos, blog content, newsletters — what can be repurposed for Reels?

For example, if you have a TikTok video that performed particularly well with your target audience, why not bring it to Instagram?

If you have a carousel post that drove a lot of engagement, why not turn its major talking points into a quick Reel too?

In other words: work smarter, not harder.

#9: Share How-to Videos

From sharing how to use your favorite editing app, to baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie, there are tons of how-to Reels ideas for you to try.

And if you find you have several how-to video ideas, even better.

You can film them all in one day and use them for a series — giving you tons of Reels content to post throughout the week (or month).

#10: Highlight Your Products

Instagram Reels are the perfect way to visually show off your products — from a cocktail kit to electronics and everything in between!

Whether you have an Instagram Shop or not, you can still drive traffic to your website using a tool like Later's

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#11: Spotlight Your Community

Spotlighting your community via user-generated content (UGC) is an effective way to humanize your brand while hyping up the people who organically tag you!

Another way to do this? Create a compilation of positive customer reviews in a roundup.

TIP: If you need help creating Reels content that looks like UGC, consider working with UGC creators.

#12: Create a Listicle

Reels don’t always have to be about your brand or product.

When you’re all out of ideas, turn your interests or location into inspiration.

For example, do a roundup of your favorite podcasts, Netflix shows, or local restaurants.

TIP: Use the Instagram Reels template tool to easily plug your content into an already existing template. Then add your own text, filters, or voice-over.

#13: Share a Day in the Life

This Instagram Reels idea is perfect for small business owners or lifestyle creators.

It's similar to a behind-the-scenes Reel, but instead, you'll take followers through your daily routine — like content creator Olivia Noceda:

P. S. We spoke to Noceda about her Instagram Reels strategy and how she grew to over 140K engaged followers. Read about it here: What Happens When You Only Share Reels on Instagram?

#14: Answer FAQs

If you’re strapped for Instagram Reels ideas, look to your Instagram comments, DMs, and FAQs for inspiration.

Are your followers asking you where you’re located? What your best-selling products are? Take these questions and answer them in a quick 15 to 30-second Reel.

Plus, because there’s already a group of people who want to know this info, you're bound to get a ton of views and engagement!

#15: Tease Upcoming Videos or Podcast Episodes

If you have a podcast or YouTube channel, you can use Reels to tease upcoming content.  

Share a teaser clip as a Reel and use the caption to let your followers know when and where they can see the full video.

And, if you have a podcast, you can create a Reel highlighting part of the episode. Pick a juicy clip and cut it right when it gets good — your audience will be hooked and want to listen to the rest.

So there you have it! These are just a few Instagram Reels ideas to get your creative juices flowing, but they're a great place to start.

Experiment with each, analyze the results and see what works best for your audience. Then simply rinse and repeat!

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