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Calling All Creators: How to be a Successful Content Creator with Skyelar Garcia

Social media coach and entrepreneur, Skyelar Garcia, candidly chats about TikTok, strategies, and how to stand out as a creator in 2023.


Interview Summary; TLDR

Here’s some top takeaways and tips from the interview:

  • You can “absolutely” still become a creator in 2023. While it may not be as “easy” as it was a few years ago, Skye believes there’s still room in the space and shares that becoming a creator in 2023 requires strategy. One way to get yourself ahead of the game? Keeping up with algorithms and your social media knowledge. 

  • Show up exactly as you are. If you’re looking to grow your community, don’t pretend to be someone that you aren’t. Skye’s number one insecurity of speaking in plain language ended up becoming something that helped her content stand out. And now, it’s something she is proud of and incorporates into her strategy.

  • Spend time getting to know your audience and what they respond to. Skye recommends focusing on one social media platform at a time. She suggests trying out different content types on one platform so you can pinpoint which resonates best. Once you gather enough information, you can take those learnings and apply them to other platforms. 

  • Content pillars > niches. Content pillars are several content topics you set out for yourself and your channel. Skye shares that if you start to think of your content as content pillars instead of content within a specific niche, it’ll open up more opportunities for growth.

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Meet the Speakers

Get to know them 👇


Headshot of Chantal Hermetz, Later Social Media Specialist

Chantal Hermetz

Social Media Specialist, Later@thisischanny

Chantal is Later’s Social Media Specialist based in Toronto. Passionate about all things social (especially TikTok), Chantal has experience creating content across multiple channels, partnering with creators, and digital storytelling. Outside of work, you can find Chantal in new cafes, biking around the city, and perfecting her Pinterest boards.


Headshot of Skyelar Garcia, Social Media Coach

Skyelar Garcia

Social Media Coach@managedbyskye

Skyelar Garcia is a 24-year old business owner, strategist, and social media coach who specializes in helping others build a sustainable social media strategy on TikTok. Over the last few years, Skye has grown her audience to over 325,0000 followers on TikTok and has built an incredible platform where she shares hundreds of tips on how to make content creation easy, consistent and enjoyable.

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