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B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

"B2C" stands for "Business-to-Consumer." It refers to transactions or relationships where a business sells products or services directly to individual consumers. 

In a B2C model, the business is the seller, and the end consumer is the buyer. Examples of B2C transactions include online retail purchases, buying a meal from a restaurant, or subscribing to a streaming service. This is in contrast to "B2B," which stands for "Business-to-Business," where businesses engage in transactions with other businesses rather than individual consumers.

What does B2C mean on social media?

On social media, B2C is a concept that refers to businesses using these platforms to engage with and sell products or services directly to individual consumers.  Brands often utilize platforms like Instagram and Meta to visually showcase products through compelling imagery and videos, allowing consumers to explore and purchase items seamlessly. Influencer partnerships are another major B2C strategy, where brands collaborate with social media personalities to promote their products authentically. These approaches collectively demonstrate how B2C interactions on social media go beyond traditional advertising, creating dynamic and immersive experiences for consumers.

B2C on social media involves leveraging these platforms to directly connect with and sell products or services to individual consumers. The focus is on building relationships, engaging with the audience, and creating a positive brand image.


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