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A "clapback" is a term used to describe a sharp, often sassy, and witty response to criticism or a negative comment.

It typically refers to a comeback or retort that is clever, quick, and delivered to shut down or challenge the original criticism. The term is commonly used in the context of social media, where individuals, celebrities, or brands might respond to negative comments or criticism boldly and assertively.

What does clapback mean?

The term "clapback" is derived from the idea of clapping back at someone who has criticized or insulted you. It's a form of self-defence or a way to assert one's position in a confrontational or challenging situation. Clapbacks are often characterized by humor, confidence, and the ability to turn the tables on the critic.

While clapbacks can be entertaining and are sometimes celebrated for their wit, it's important to note that the tone and effectiveness of a clapback can vary, and not all responses are well-received by the audience. It’s often used as a response to criticism, as a witty comeback, or to defend against insults.

What are the origins of the word clapback?

The origins of the term clapback are not entirely clear but some believe it comes from the 2003 Ja Rule song “Clap Back,” a diss track aimed at 50 Cent and Eminem. The term has its roots in African American Vernacular and is often accompanied on social media by a clapping emoji.


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