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Deinfluencing is a trend on social media where influencers tell their followers why they should not buy a product. 

What is the "deinfluencing" trend?

Deinfluencing is the latest social media trend on Instagram and TikTok where influencers are telling their followers which products they should not buy. From makeup products to shoes, tech and more, influencers caution their followers against overhyped products and steer them toward other alternatives. This trend began amongst beauty and lifestyle influencers but has since moved to other areas and popular products.

What does this mean for the influencer market?

Some people see the rise of deinfluencing as a rejection of materialism. While it may appear this way, deinfluencing is simply another form of influencer marketing where influencers build trust with their followers by speaking more candidly and honestly about their experiences with certain products to possibly influence another purchase later down the line.


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