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Gatekeeping is not disclosing information to keep something exclusive. For example, a creator refusing to share where they got something for fear that it will sell out as a result. Cough, Kylie Jenner, cough.

What is gatekeeping on social media?

Gatekeeping on social media refers to the intentional withholding of information, knowledge, access, or opportunity — keeping these things all to yourself. 

What is gatekeeping in real life?

In general, gatekeeping is the act of controlling access to or limiting participation in a particular group, community, or culture. In the context of online communities, gatekeeping refers to the actions of individuals or groups who try to define what is and isn't acceptable within a particular community and determine who is and isn't allowed to participate.

Why is gatekeeping bad?

Gatekeeping can be particularly problematic, as it can be used to restrict the flow of information and limit the diversity of perspectives and experiences that are represented.

Overall, gatekeeping can play a significant role in shaping the dynamics of online communities, and it's important to be aware of its effects and to work towards creating more inclusive and welcoming spaces.


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