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Girl Math

Girl math is a trending phenomenon that emerged on TikTok and is used to describe the way girls justify their spending habits. 

“Girl math” is used as a humorous way to rationalize seemingly intricate and often ridiculous ways women justify an extravagant or unnecessary expense. 

Where did Girl Math come from?

The term “girl math” originated with TikToker Samantha Jane who shared a video explaining the process. In her view, girl math means that “anything under $5 feels free,” and returning an item worth $50 and then spending $100 counts as only having spent $50. Girl math has since evolved to other calculations and plans. For example, timing your hair wash day to align with weekend events, spending extra to qualify for free shipping, and re-wearing a cute outfit because it doesn’t count if no one saw it or you didn’t take a picture of it.

What is the impact of Girl Math on TikTok?

Some have used girl math as an opportunity to validate gendered stereotypes about women as being bad at math or unskilled at managing money. Others have even coined the term “boy math” as a response to misogynistic assumptions about women and to challenge patriarchal stereotypes. Overall, many see “girl math” as a humorous reclamation of those negative stereotypes about women.


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