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Saying something is highkey describes something you want to brag about or emphasize. For example, we highkey love scheduling social media posts in advance. 😉

What is the origin of the term highkey?

"Highkey" originated in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) as an intensifier to emphasize or confirm something that was already known or agreed upon. The term first emerged in hip-hop culture and has since been adopted by mainstream culture, but it's important to recognize its cultural origins and significance.

How is highkey used in social media?

Highkey is used in conversation or on social media to emphasize that someone has strong feelings toward an event or person. Being or feeling highkey is the opposite of being or feeling “lowkey” about something. 

Someone could say “highkey” to emphasize their enhanced attitude or emotion towards a situation. For example, you could feel highkey happy and excited or highkey nervous and worried.


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