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Koji is a link in bio tool geared towards users looking to engage with and monetize their audience on social media.

It’s meant to act as a central hub for followers across all social media platforms. 

As of December 14, 2023, the Australian-based link in bio platform Linktree has acquired Koji. The Koji app and product will officially be shut down as of January 31, 2024.

How does Koji work?

Like most link in bio tools, Koji aggregates your social links in one place for your users to find. What differentiates it from others is the access it offers to an ecosystem of mini-apps that can be added as integrations that open within your link in bio. 

What are Koji alternatives?

The best link in bio tool is the one that offers the features you need to grow on social media. While Koji offers basic features such as preset themes, buttons, and app integrations, users looking to grow on social media will need additional tools. Compared to Koji, Later’s Link in Bio offers the above features and more such as unlimited storage, custom page designs, multiple links on social posts, Google Analytics, a Mailchimp integration and more–all for free. 

With a free Link in Bio plan you can:

  • Create a Link in Bio page without needing to connect your Instagram profile first

  • Add unlimited linked buttons — to spotlight your most important links 

  • Create a linked version of your TikTok and Instagram feeds — to drive traffic to specific URLs 

  • Fully customize your colors and fonts

  • Track link clicks and sales in Google Analytics — to get data-backed insights and make reporting a breeze

  • Add links to your social channels — to build your audience across platforms 

  • Boost email subscribers with our Mailchimp integration — to connect with your audience beyond social media

  • Access state-of-the-art customer support (from a real human)

If you’re considering trying a link in bio tool, Later’s Link in Bio offers a suite of tools to try for free plus access to Later’s social media management tools like auto publishing, analytics, AI Caption Writer and Best Time to Post and measure every move to optimize your approach.


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