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Nepo Baby

“Nepo baby", a play on the word "nepotism", is used to refer to a person who benefits from their family connections or privileged background rather than their own merit or talent.

What is a Nepo Baby?

Nepo baby typically implies that a person (usually with family in the entertainment industry) has received opportunities, such as roles in movies or other prominent positions, primarily due to their family ties rather than their individual achievements or qualifications. For example, someone might argue that the actress Zoe Kravitz is a nepo baby because her parents are actor Lisa Bonet and musician Lenny Kravitz.

"Nepo baby" is often used in a critical or derogatory manner to highlight perceived unfair advantages or the lack of equal opportunities for those who do not have influential family connections. The term gained popularity in discussions surrounding nepotism and privilege within industries where family ties can play a significant role in career advancement.


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