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Old Money Aesthetic

“Old Money Aesthetic” is a TikTok trend that refers to a style associated with the established and wealthy elite. 

The aesthetic is characterized by its timelessness, quality, and subtlety over flashy displays of wealth and extravagance. People who exude the old money aesthetic are thought to be elegant, sophisticated, or classy.

What is the Old Money Aesthetic?

In the context of this TikTok trend, “old money” refers to a cohort of wealthy people with dynastic last names: think Rockefeller, Kennedy or Hearst. The goal of the “old money aesthetic” is to look like someone with generational wealth. Some of the inspirations for this look include Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, and the cast of Gossip Girl. Some of the clothing trends associated with this aesthetic include leather loafers, cashmere sweaters, pearls and designers like Ralph Lauren, Hermes, or Chanel.


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