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Opp (Opponent or Opposition)

"Opp" is a slang abbreviation of the word "opponent" or "enemy." It is commonly used to refer to someone who is viewed as an adversary or someone with whom one has a conflict or disagreement.

What are the origins of Opp?

"Opp" originated in the context of rap or hip-hop culture, where it can refer to rival artists, crews, or individuals with whom there is a competitive or confrontational relationship.

How is Opp used in a sentence?

It can also be used more broadly to describe anyone perceived as an adversary or someone on the opposite side of an issue or disagreement. For example, “All I see is an opp”, or “He’s an opp for real.”

It can also be used as a verb in phrases like "opp someone" or "opp out," meaning to engage in conflict or to take action against someone.


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